Mi’kmaq language teacher takes her lessons from the classroom to social media

Starr Paul grew up in a home speaking Mi’kmaq. Both her parents were language keepers and insisted speaking Mi’kmaq in the family home.

Paul, a mother of seven, instilled the same values in her home.

“All my children were fluent when they were young, and they understand Mi’kmaq,” said Starr.

Paul has been teaching Mi’kmaq for 22 years at the Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey Eskasoni Mi’kmaw Immersion School.

She has also taught Mi’kmaq language classes at Cape Breton University and St. Francis Xavier University.

Paul comes from a family of language keepers. Her mother, Elizabeth Paul contributed to the development of the Mi’kmaq immersion in Eskasoni.

With everyone at home because of the Covid – 19 pandemic, Paul took the time at home to develop online language classes.

“We want people to realize that learning another language is good for your brain,” said Paul.

Paul saw the opportunity to teach the basics, the foundation top learn to read and write and speak.

The classes are on the Facebook called the Eskasoni Mi’kmaw Language Initiative, and anyone is welcome to join.

“The language starts at home and so with me trying to give these classes to the people they will maybe start to use these skills themselves to help their children to speak the language,” said Paul.

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