Miawpukek First Nation chief says high number of band members in Qalipu a good thing


7 thoughts on “Miawpukek First Nation chief says high number of band members in Qalipu a good thing

  1. Ulrike says:

    Too many chiefs are being overpaid and not give a cent to their peoples.

  2. There is a lot of money being received in Conne River enough to support 2800 people and being mostly spent on 800 people. Benifets for of reserve people are very different than on reserve and they are in the same family. Its your own people that are screwing you over. Individual rights and benefits are the only way to go.

  3. People of Canada have to remember that the east coast are hundred years older then the west, white man landed there first and it was encouraged that they intergrate with natives plus they didn’t bring any women with them. People in the west see the natives out east and see they look more white then native and are automatically racist even to native brother and sisters . Some forget they were our ancestors .I can trace mine back to the east .because they were traders and voyagers. Who worked for the HBC & NWC.some settled in The Red River. ”Met is” and back in NS To an Acadian ‘M’Martin.and so on.by the way I am Mix Cree and Dene. Living in Alberta and other heritage.

  4. The number I was given, based on research at the time, between 1949 and around the 1980 ish is that loss of benefits based on a population of 10,000 Mi’kmaw was 300,000 million dollars .This researched number was presented to the provincial government at the time . In today’s 2017 dollars that’s $8,412,610,309.61 or close to 850 million dollars – based on 10,000 population . This is based on average inflation rate of 2.85 % between 1949 and 1980. If this number is correct from the info I have been provided. I believe this is part of the reason that the application process requires a signature giving up the applicants right to sue for these loss of benefits since 1949 – a win for the NL. and Canada . The comment by Chief Mitchell regarding this point should be taken seriously – why would the NL. and Canada open itself to such a Liability – lets have a respectful dialogue here based on the facts and not create an adversarial situation right from the start.

  5. Wela’lin Trina for this series on the ” Long road to recognition ” I was really uplifted by the comments of Elder Calvin White and Chief Misel Joe. We have always been here. We are not going away.

    1. Wela’lin (Thank you) Trina! The documentary was great! I absolutely agree with you Keith! My children and grandchildren have their heels dug in for the long haul, if need be!

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