Métis honour legacy of Battle of Seven Oaks on milestone anniversary

200-year-old battle remembered in Winnipeg as powerful symbol of resistance

Todd Lamirande
APTN Investigates
The sashes and flags were out in full force yesterday in Winnipeg for a celebration of 200 years of Métis history.

The Battle of Seven Oaks started as a dispute between two rival fur trading companies.

But the Métis Nation later took shape around that event.

What was once described as a massacre is now a powerful symbol of resistance.


Executive Producer / Ottawa

Todd Lamirande is Red River Métis. Todd first joined APTN in 2000 as a writer - researcher. He went on to be a videojournalist based in Vancouver. Todd has hosted three programs for APTN News and Current Affairs: the national news, Investigates and Nation to Nation.

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