Manitoba woman left confused by #MMIW inquiry process

Dennis Ward
APTN National News
A Manitoba woman who has seven murdered and two missing family members, says she has been left in the dark about the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

Sue Caribou says she feels like a victim herself, and just found out Wednesday that she will need to register to take part in the inquiry.

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1 thought on “Manitoba woman left confused by #MMIW inquiry process

  1. A proposal was SUPPOSED TO HAVE BEEN recommended to the new MMAWAG commission but they have yet to answer……

    “Honoring Murdered and Missing Canadian Indigenous Women and Girls’ Families (HMMCIWGF)

    (HMMCIWGF) is proposed as a collaborative project involving family members of Missing Canadian Indigenous Women and Girls (MCIWGF), Elders, Canadian Aboriginal Nations, ,Nations/Metis/Inuit individuals, Canadian Government, provincial ministry staff, and the general public. We are proposing to support and complement the objectives of Government of Canada’s recently announced National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered indigenous Women and Girls.
    As acknowledgement, through a series of blessing ceremonies and traditional aboriginal protocol, family members of MCIWG will be presented an Eagle Feather.
    The objective of these sessions will provide a forum for open dialogue while sharing through culture and will provide a circle of healing. This dialog will open doors to acknowledge all those involved and will most importantly honour the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls with proper Canadian Aboriginal protocols through the gift of an Eagle Feather.

    At this time leadership of the project are Martin Vasil, his brother Mark MiLan, Chief Bill Williams Squamish Nation, and associated staff from both federal and provincial government agencies. The anticipated number of families affected could be at least about 1400, so an estimated 1600 Eagle Feathers may in fact be required; magnitude of this aspect of the planned project will be determined iteratively in future. To secure that number of feathers approximately fifty (50) Eagle specimens may be required for parting to achieve project goals.”

    Let’s hope that the commission agrees …”

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