Manitoba travellers not happy with Perimeter Aviation after weekend delay

Jolene Banning
Some travellers in Manitoba experienced some long delays on a flight home this weekend.

The layover included a stop in God’s Lake Narrows.

Nearly two dozen passengers flying home to Oxford House on Sunday experienced more than delays.

The flight by Perimeter Aviation was delayed more than two and a half hours leaving Winnipeg.

When they landed in God’s Lake Narrows, the passengers were informed that the plane hit a bird and was down to one engine.

Passenger Larry Portelance was not happy with the way he was treated by Perimeter Aviation.

“Children and Elders were on the aircraft and were stuck in the terminal with nowhere to sleep or sit or have food or what not,” He said. “We were at the mercy of the airline.

“In addition to this there were the remains of a recent deceased Elder of the community on the aircraft so there’s a whole community of people here at Oxford House waiting for the remains to come back and get on with their process of grieving.”

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