Long-standing volunteer released from Thunder Bay hospital over Nazi memorabilia pictures

Thunder Bay hospital

A volunteer with the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre has been let go from his position over photos he posted on social media of his Nazi flags and memorabilia.

Keith Taylor had been a volunteer patient advocate for a dozen years.

The hospital let him go after an employee found the photos on his public Facebook page.

The photos show a pin which Taylor says he wears on his motorcycle jacket, a bust of Adolph Hitler, and three unidentified children wearing what appear to be allied combat helmets with a Nazi flag in the back with the caption “I am training them young.”

Taylor says he can understand why the photos look offensive but says he meant training children in war history.

“It was unfortunate, that was in what I call the flag room,” Taylor tells APTN News. “I guess a bad angle. but if you look at that photo the kids – there’s no Nazi stuff  – just the flag.”

Taylor says he has a passion for history.

“I have a keen interest in history, especially military things. As a kid I was always watching war movies and drawing tanks,” he says.

Taylor says he’s not a Nazi and there was no malice or ill-intention behind the photos.

The Thunder Bay hospital declined an interview request from APTN and says they can’t discuss the details.

In an email, however, the hospital says there was a complaint and investigation.

“With thousands of staff and volunteers, it is unrealistic to monitor social media for infractions. However, if a concern is brought forward, Human Resources would investigate and report back to Senior Leadership with findings and recommendations. That investigation has concluded and the aforementioned volunteer is no longer affiliated with TBRHSC.”

The hospital also says it has a social media policy regarding harmful or inappropriate content.

Taylor says he understands the hospital’s decision and has removed most of the photos.

“To those people, I would apologize,” he says. “I can see why people are offended there’s no questions about that no ifs ands or buts about that.”

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