Lockdown at Winnipeg’s friendship centre highlights years of alleged mismanagement

Shaneen Robinson-Desjarlais
APTN National News
The doors of Winnipeg’s Indian and Metis Friendship Centre are now locked and chained as protesters have set up camp.

This happened after a suspended staff member barricaded himself in an office Monday morning.

Workers say the infighting is over years of alleged mismanagement.

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7 thoughts on “Lockdown at Winnipeg’s friendship centre highlights years of alleged mismanagement

  1. positive change ,is including traditional foods and the traditional activities.Get together should provide positive for young people.

  2. Some of my family live in Winnipeg & live close to the Friendship Centre. Sometimes they depend going to the Food Bank or any events that goes on there. The Staff working there should be more accountable, it always comes out if you do wrong. They don’t care about others but themselves by being greedy & mismanagement. FIRE THE CROOKS.

  3. Sad to say- we attend bingo there quite frequently and suspected some things just didnt add up to the pots advertising. I hope they figure this out soon and get some great honest, reliable people back at this facility as we really enjoy going there.

    1. Is this the place where the Xmas Pancake Breakfats is held? Why the Bear Clan Patrol is suddenly MIA? Potluck held today on lawn of ThunderBird House, 5:30pm. Bring a lawn chair,& water bottle, and maybe talk this out Winnipeg.

  4. This is so sad! People are depending on the services the Friendship Center provides. Where are the people going to go now?

  5. I think some people need to be accountable and if this childish action has to happen, something went terribly wrong in house. If he person is still in there who knows what kind of documents and important documents they are tampering or destroying. I believe these kind of institutions should be cut from funding and closed down. It makes me think what else has been done not only in Manitoba but in my home province of Saskatchewan and Alberta, since they don’t do much for the local population in the past. With that I hope the truth is uncovered and justice served

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