MMF makes $1M available through COVID-19 Health Action Plan


The Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) unveiled a $1-million Health Action Plan Friday aimed at helping its members cope during the present pandemic.

The funds are for Metis Elders, entrepreneurs and employees, MMF President David Chartrand said in a livestream address on the organization’s Facebook page.

To date, Chartrand said more than 1,000 Elders have been contacted to determine their needs and receive assistance.

“Health authorities across the country and the globe have made it clear that Elders and other vulnerable people need to be in self-isolation,” added MMF health minister Frances Chartrand.

“We will do what we can to ensure our Metis Elders do not leave the safety of their homes unless they have to.”

Studies show

The MMF said studies show Manitoba Metis have among the highest levels of chronic disease and diabetes, putting them in a high-risk category and making them susceptible to the virus.

So the MMF said it has been conducting “extensive checks and follow-ups on many of our most vulnerable citizens” to ensure they have rides to their medical appointments, medication, food and essential supplies.

The Health Action Plan also provides funds for Metis entrepreneurs and workers whose incomes are adversely affected by the pandemic.

“The MMF is prepared to offer aid to Metis citizens facing financial hardships as a direct result of COVID-19 and who are not receiving support from their employers. The same initiative applies to Metis business owners affected by the crisis.”

This would be assistance in addition to what the government of Canada is providing, David Chartrand noted.

Entrepreneurs and employees

“We are asking Metis entrepreneurs or employees who are being impacted financially to register with the MMF today, so we may work with them to assist within all sectors and offer our support for their families alongside the ongoing announcements from Canada.”

In addition to the plan announced today, the MMF has purchased three mobile homes to be used as isolation units that can be moved anywhere in the province. Métis N4 Construction has also made available two secure, 48-bed, fully accessible health facilities. These can be used as community supports for self-isolation requirements during this crisis.

“These initiatives are part of the ongoing partnerships between the federal government and the Metis Nation,” said David Chartrand. “It is our responsibility to work together for the betterment of our citizens and, indeed, all Canadians.”

*Metis employees and Elders contact 1-800-665-8474
*Metis businesses and entrepreneurs contact 1-800-387-6004
*Additional information at