Lawyer says Alberta jury process violates Aboriginal rights

By Noemi Lopinto
APTN National News
EDMONTON–An Alberta-based lawyer has launched a constitutional challenge against the province’s jury selection process.

Lawyer Tom Engle says the government is to blame for a jury selection process that violates the rights of Aboriginal people.

Provincial legislation excludes people who have been charged or convicted of criminal offences and Engle says the selection process is openly biased against people living on reserves.

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3 thoughts on “Lawyer says Alberta jury process violates Aboriginal rights

  1. The case placed questions before the court dealing with rights of privacy and freedom of speech. In October 2010, when the case was heard before the court, Albert Snyder’s lawyer, Sean Summers, had said the funeral protest was a targeted attack that …

  2. In 2007, at the Thunder Bay District Jail my eldest son died. The government held an inquest, and I asked my lawyer why there wasn’t any Aboriginal representation on the jury, given the fact the we are members of the Fort William First Nation, located right beside the city.rnrnOur lawyer asked brought the issue forward and demanded to see the jury roll. Since then it has been taken to the Ontario Supreme Court and will be heard on Sept. 21st in Toronto. Aboriginal Legal Services from Toronto are representing the case.

  3. Well ST. Catherines Court House Violated My Native Rights & My Rights In General Too, So Did The Niagara Regional Police, My Lawyer At The Time Asked Me To Lie In A Court Of Law For A Lesser Charge Only To Find A Conviction On My Record That SHould Not Be There. Was Not Treated In The Hospital For My Injuries When I Asked To Seek Treatment, Denied Help From A Business When I Asked! What AM I To Do…………

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