Kahnawake facing human rights investigation over membership law

Investigation triggered by community complaints

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Does human rights legislation trump the membership laws of a First Nation?

The Mohawk Council of Kahnawake is currently under investigation by the Canadian Human Rights Commission over their membership law.

The investigation is coming from human rights complaints made by people inside the community.

APTN’s Tom Fennario has this story.

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4 thoughts on “Kahnawake facing human rights investigation over membership law

  1. Shame on them for trying to come to one mind and self determine, who are they to try and draw the line and say who they are? Silly indigenous people trying to make rules without the consent of the one righteous governing structure. The government has to determine who they are and who can live there because they don’t have the right or the governing structure to make those decisions. They have to be told how to run their people because they have no idea what’s best for themselves. The painful process and decision the town ultimately has chosen does not even factor in because it does not matter what they want… what matters is the most published/pushed opinion. History will never be written by indigenous people as long as they keep asking for permission.
    The facts of the case do not matter, it does not matter that all they said was an non indigenous member can not live on the reserve… the children and their indigenous parent are still welcome to all the town has to offer. They can live in the surrounding area but its a shame GREED for tax free land will drive this fight.

  2. whiteman’s law does not trump our laws on our Territory, we’re not Canadians so Canadian Laws have no place on Native Land.

  3. This is a disgrace. I am an indigenous woman married to white man who has more Native heart.. It is wrong what Kahnawake is doing. How soon you forget what the white laws were to take away the rights of our women when they married outside. You are doing the same now. For shame ..

    1. no, didn’t anyone tell you when you marry a whiteman you lost your rights? today we tell our children to marry any Natives across Turtle Island, so we will prosper as a Nation of Natives, the government wanted to kill us but were still here and strong as ever, the Jews do it so can we, reserves are for Natives not whitemen, we learned that at a young age, and your man doesn’t have a Native heart cause he isn’t Native.

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