In the Northwest Territories Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is a shot of hope

The Northwest Territories vaccination campaign is in full swing.

To date, the territorial government has received 7,200 doses of the Moderna vaccine and 1,893 people have received the shot.

For many in remote communities – the COVID-19 vaccine is a shot of hope that someday people will be able to reconnect with family and return to cultural gatherings.

“I’m a grandmother now. On Dec 17 so I’m really trying to get to the Yukon to see my grandbaby so this may just shorten that travel restriction,” said Sue Crookedhand who received the shot.

Dettah, a Yellowknives community of about 220 people, received 190 doses.

Victor Crapeau rolled up his sleeve.

“I’m just happy it’s finally here. Everyone should get it,” he said.

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