Ian Campeau and wife Justine talk about what turned them to medicinal marijuana

Ian and Justin Campeau talk about her battle with breast cancer, and the standard medical drugs that pushed them towards medicinal marijuana.

Justine Campeau enjoys spending time in her garden.

After a life-altering experience, she and her husband, former A Tribe Called Red member Ian Campeau, aspired to be closer to the land.

They bought a farm outside Ottawa three years ago.

“I was twenty-five and I was breastfeeding my baby and I found a lump and it turned out to be stage three breast cancer and which is pretty spooky,” she said. “I didn’t have a gene mutation or any real indication, they don’t really know why I got it and it was intense.”

Justine had to fight for her life.

After a mastectomy, she was left to deal with nerve damage and pain.

“My doctors gave me all kinds of pills and some of them are really scary, we went through a lot, trying all of them and in the end, it ended up being a really intense opioid that I used, which was just ruining my happiness being on it,” she said. “It makes you like a wet blanket and the pains not there but you’re dizzy and you’re sleepy.”

That’s when they turned to cannabis.



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