Headdresses in the mail, racism in health care and beaded maps on this week’s InFocus 

A headdress found at the Canada Post warehouse in Winnipeg was returned to its owner thanks to social media after being list in the mail for four months.

But should there be a protocol in place for when the federal mail service finds regalia and ceremonial items that get lost in the system, to ensure they’re cared for until returned?

A new survey in Manitoba by the Southern Chiefs Organization has found 70 per cent of First Nations respondents have experienced racism and discrimination when accessing health care. And 80 per cent say they’ve witnessed loved ones subjected to it.

Saulteaux-Métis physician Dr.  Barry Lavallee discusses how the real or anticipated racism affects health outcomes for Indigenous patients and what the medical profession should be doing to fix their problem.

And we talk to the creators of #beadyourprovince #beadyourstate about the huge success of the project and how the maps are being turned into merchandise.

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