Haida artist unveils exhibit to remember residential school survivors

An art installation reflecting on the experiences of Indigenous children who went to residential schools was unveiled at Vancouver Community College.

After a year in development, the installation called Truth was created by Haida artist Tamara Bell.

“’It is testimonies, stories about colonization important facts and information about people like John A MacDonald,” she said.

Bell said the process to create the exhibit was such a moving experience it challenged her personaly.

“For me the hardest part was reading the Truth and Reconciliation [Commission] report because I really got a sense of what happened,” she said. “And it took a year to build this. I was in and out of reading it and there was one incident that I read and I was so haunted it took me three weeks of just processing what I had read it was so difficult and that was just me reading it it wasn’t me living it.”

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