Front line worker says ‘immediate action’ needed to save MMIWG inquiry

The executive director of a shelter in Calgary says the only thing that will save the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls is a reset starting with the resignation of the remaining commissioners.

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1 thought on “Front line worker says ‘immediate action’ needed to save MMIWG inquiry

  1. In Saskatoon Saskatchewan we are ready for Hearings, we are okay with current Commissioners and staff. We have such great rapport with the Community Liason assigned to SK & MB. We are not in favour of a hard re-set. I hope that the people who sign such group letters, consider they are missing a healthy opportunity to be instruments of change and support. Instead families are relying on other families because bit by bit groups are closing the door on them when they agree to be part of coaltion – there will be no trust. Thank you to CBC in Saskatoon who took 3 opportunities to talk with us for not wanting a re-set. As an individual, wrote my own letter to the Prime Minister to no-reset or fire the Commissioners, in it I shared that any of the signatories would not be desirable candidates to replace the way it is right now. As I a family ~~ absolutely not would I want any of these individuals or organizations to offer any help because this is not advancement of indigenous families, you are all further victimizing families that are in the midst of the process. And I encourage indigenous women leaders in the country to take considerable time learning about the Inquiry instead of using social media to discredit and criticize…the world is watching and most importantly so are the families.

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