Foster care survivor offers message of hope

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Living in the foster care system isn’t always easy for a child.

And once that child becomes an adult life can sometimes get even harder.

For Kane Blacque he endured life in the foster system and life on the streets.

He now has a message of hope.

APTN’s Chris Stewart has the story.

Video Journalist / Edmonton

Chris Stewart has been in the media for 20 years. He has worked at CBC, Global and CTV as a news camera operator and editor. Chris joined APTN in 2012 in the Saskatoon Bureau and moved to APTN Edmonton bureau in 2015 as a Videojournalist.

1 thought on “Foster care survivor offers message of hope

  1. Let me state clearly that it was horrible what happened to Kane in foster care. That never should have been overlooked and allowed to continue.

    That being said, why have I never seen a positive story of aboriginal children in foster care? I can’t imagine that all of the 30,000 aboriginal children in care (plus all those who have aged out) have been abused and neglected, and taught nothing of their culture.

    BC Foster Parent

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