Family of Bobbie Lynn Moose makes public appeal for information about her death

The family of Bobbie Lynn Moose made a public plea for information surrounding her death Tuesday in Winnipeg alongside members of the RCMP.

The body of the 29 year old Cree mother of two was discovered in Thompson, Manitoba on Oct. 17.

The police said it was a homicide but little is known about her whereabouts prior to being discovered.

“Our investigators canvassed the surrounding area, we’ve conducted over 300 interviews, we flew in a highly trained search team from Winnipeg to help find evidence and despite all of this work there’s still very little we know about Bobbie’s time in Thompson,” says Assistant RCMP Commissioner Jane MacLatchy.

Moose was dropped off at the Walmart in Thompson, which is located about 760 km north east of Winnipeg, by her sister on Oct. 1.

The family says she spilt her time between Thompson and her home community of Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation or Nelson House.

“Bobbie Moose was a kind, loving, caring person who would always have a smile and go on meeting new people either in Thompson or home in Nelson House,” her brother Roxy Moose says.

Police believe Moose stayed with friends or the local homeless shelter when she visited Thompson.

They previously released photos online of the clothing she was found wearing in the hope of getting some leads.

Police say they are now moving beyond social media.

“In the coming days every house and every apartment in Thompson will be receiving a pamphlet with a picture of Bobbie and a plea for information,” says MacLatchy.

“These pamphlets will go to over 4000 residences and will reach over 13,000 people.”

MacLatchy says it’s a rare move for police to resort to pamphlets but it may reach some people Moose would have interacted with.

“If you think about a large number of people who are transient, who are perhaps living in shelters who do not have access to televisions or internet or what have you the pamphlets are a great way to do that,” she says.

Moose’s family is urging anyone with information to come forward.

“Don’t be scared to help by speaking up,” says Roxy Moose. “There is help for people who give information and are worried about being caught up in any trouble.”

Police say they will also be putting up a billboard with Moose’s image on it in Thompson.


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