Family members ‘don’t believe in inquiry’ after MMIW meetings postponed

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3 thoughts on “Family members ‘don’t believe in inquiry’ after MMIW meetings postponed

  1. Tonite members of SAWCC and Iskwewuk Ewichiwitochik sat down to work on Database sharing in Sask – we believe in the Inquiry – one territory doesn’t over ride another on wanting the Inquiry to have sole voice — other regions are making things work ~~ have faith, Darlene R. Okemaysim (currently have a missing niece) been doing this work for 11 years as volunteer ad hoc concerned citizen in Saskatoon

    1. A database? What is to be put on this database, what information? This is personal information, and highly delicate information to lost loved ones. I wouldn’t want any of my family on this database!
      Information sharing is fine but most of our lost family members have suffered tremendous pain and suffering. It would be an injustice in every aspect to the victim and family. Please explain.

  2. it is a difficult task to have interviews f. 1200+ cases in the allotted time frame for anybody to attempt. I’d highly recommend sending in your information with emails, scanned letters + documents, slide shows, filled only with key points. Questions will arise and then more time is needed for answers. I believe a majority of these cases most likely lead back to shoddy work and not – interested or other poor attitudes, by police. Discrimination was far more rampant against FN peoples in the past and allowed.

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