Families outraged over serial killer Pickton’s memoir

Concerns swirl over how book came to be published

APTN National News
It’s been nine years since Robert Pickton was convicted of second degree murder in the deaths of six women.

The serial killer who admitted to killing 49 women has written a memoir  that was briefly available for purchase on Amazon. News reports emerged Monday saying the book had been pulled from the online bookseller.

And the outrage in response across the country has been swift.

APTN’s Tina House has this story.

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1 thought on “Families outraged over serial killer Pickton’s memoir

  1. The memoir is a way for the pigton to relive his crimes against women/girls and humanity. The real memoir speaks for itself in the missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls bodies found – not found and the pain in the families faces. Why buy and/or read and BELEIVE a memoir by a Sick pigton serial killer who is not only sadistic, narcissist and a sociopath who thrives on attention he gets from his sick acts. They say how you spend your last day on earth is how you enter into the afterlife.If this is to be true, pigton will be in a place until the world ends and the horrible crimes he committed will be acted upon him over and over the same way he lived his pathetic life until his judgement day!

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