Facebook winter challenge 2014: Jumping into rivers, lakes and snow banks

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People are jumping into rivers, lakes and snow banks across Canada and posting it on Facebook.

It’s a call to Aboriginal peoples across the country to get out and get active.

APTN’s Shaneen Robinson reports about the social media phenomenon – winter challenge 2014.

4 thoughts on “Facebook winter challenge 2014: Jumping into rivers, lakes and snow banks

  1. It is much more than a challenge to get out and get active! It is a way to show concern over water rights for native folks and all folks. For clean water, for protection of water and many of the videos show elders and young folks making medicine before they dip, plunge, dive or walk into creeks, streams, rivers and the ocean. Some folks are dunking under buckets of water and then landing in snow banks. Some elders too infirm to go out are making testimonials. It is a powerful testament to the sacredness of water all over our earth that we share. Non natives are also taking the challenge. Please be careful if you do take on the challenge. Hypothermia can be a significant risk. Blessings to all.

  2. It would be nice to see a 2014 Winter Challenge facebook page to watch all the challenges and fun!!

  3. 2014 winter challenge aptn to go jump in the snow banks with just their shorts on only the guys

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