Facebook posts target missing and murdered Indigenous women

Comments shared on social media have sparked fury across the country.

Shaneen Robinson-Desjarlais
APTN National News

Comments shared on social media have sparked fury across the country.

That’s because those posts were hate filled messages about missing and murdered Indigenous women.

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57 thoughts on “Facebook posts target missing and murdered Indigenous women

  1. Just pray for those who hold the ugliness in their hearts and spew hatred out of their mouths. They are a sad lot that needs to point out others they believe are lesser than themselves. They live in fear. They don’t feel good about who they are and see their flaws and weaknesses and fears and lash out at others who remind them of themselves…the weak and vulnerable and even the dead. Sad sorry lot.

  2. Predators are out there hunting women and children
    None the of us are safe unless all of us are safe
    Never give up looking for your loved ones
    Demand to be heard…demand action
    Lots of us are listening admiring your courage
    With great respect for your peserverance
    I am only one of many wanting to support you.

  3. I had to read this more than once, because I thought it was a freaking misprint! How pathetic and small minded some can be. Raised up this way for generations I am sure. I would say uneducated, but that is not always true. My heart aches for these souls just the same as those bring slaughtered in the name of some holy war where a brief snippet in the news and then moved to the back of the line. We are sad, sad, sad souls 🙁

  4. Repeat offenders, addicts, lost sheep, victims of incest, grown adults of drunken father’s who beat them as helpless children..they can be helped…but these murderers are not accustomed to love or superstitious beliefs such as a God or a natural law…nobody will stop them if they find like minded people who support that behaviour… it’s becoming a trait and it’s hidden in shame lies and acted out in corruption rape and rage.

  5. Wow I’m shocked how bad a anger comment posted on fb could get around so much.. I was forwarded this site and told I was on it. Im ashamed of the rude comment I made out of disappointment and hurt. It really isn’t how I feel it was a moment while in deep depression …. yes I have seeked help on dealing with my depression. Again sorry for 2 minute post . I didn’t respond as I cut off all tv and Internet well trying to get healthy and back on track.

  6. I am sorry to the families of the missing and murdered women. I am first Nations and I am upset for those comments made. The families lost loved ones and are continually having to endure pain and senseless suffering. Majority of us push on and continue to live and strive for a better life for our children and grandchildren. I hope something will be done to those that speak hatred for a Culture they know nothing about.

  7. For the hateful remarks being said by the public and RCMP regarding the Missing and Murdered Indigenous women and girls, the colonizers need to be de – colonized
    Remember your a woman, mother, daughter, aunt and grandmother too – who gave you life?

  8. Wow these people are pathetic
    And deserve to be brought to some kind of fine or jail racist Jerks!!!!!
    My auntie is on the list of murdered and missing women she is missed dearly by family and friends .

    I hope that these despicable people are ashamed of themselves.

    Many prayers to family and friends of all the murdered and missing women in canada

  9. I now how it is I took care of y wife for 10 year first she was in a car accident and lost one of her leg it was just about one week we start to go out her family did what her they what to place her I said now I will take care of her and I had to do everything for her after 8 year I was with her she got cancer I still take care of her she had a bag for number two and I changer her every time I need to . I thing the people should help each other that way God put us on earth for

  10. This scum loser isn’t even liked by his own family is my understanding. He is someone that will be alone and die alone. I hope he dies a horrible death filled with torture and pain

  11. If we let the First Nation people run Canada then our Canada would not be so polluted they respect the land and greed and money would not be first on the list!

  12. The press should go to his job and have him terminated! How can anyone let someone like this work for them is beyond me!. So keep calling where he works and send messages that this is not ok! What if all those women were white!

    1. Yeas that’s a good idea Something has to be done to with this heartless coward Like a lifetime ban by face book to start

  13. This is how we treat our mother’s children. Grow a heart. Unsurprised, yet still completely disappointed….

  14. This guy’s employers are listed on facebook as:
    1. Sigfusson Northern Ltd.
    2. Breezy North Contstruction
    3. Major Drilling Group International
    4. Tahltan Drilling Services

    Maybe these organizations would be interested to hear (from as many people as possible) that their company names share a facebook page with the disgusting likes of this hateful post.

  15. Canada has a Prime Minister who promises to Implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples aka UNDRIP, SO he can get himself elected, then after elected, points to Canada’s Charter of Rights as created by his Daddy Pe Trudeau and says “UNDRIP isn’t possible, but one day we hope to”. In Alberta we have racist Farm boy and girl wannabes calling us all Drunk Chugs and waste of skin. In Saskatchewan we have Gun Toting good old boys proudly murdering the Colton Boushies among us. In Thunder Bay we have whites killing our kids and tossing their lifeless bodies into Waterways. In BC we have Trudeau ignoring the requirement for free and open consent and putting polluting pipelines through our Waterways and lands. We have over 3000 missing and murdered Indigenous Women and girls and cops who won’t investigate properly, because apparently our mothers, sisters, aunts and daughters deserve it? Canada hasn’t cared about us for over 375 yrs, starting with the Colonization of Hochelaga now known as Montreal. Turtle Island (North America) was a peaceful place until Europeans decided we had what they wanted. They took our kids and forced them to be “good little Catholic kids” with residential schools, by beating, torturing and raping them. The Queen of England helper dispose of those who died. The church claimed it was righteous. To hell with Canada 150. Implement UNDRIP.


  16. I can’t believe people are so cruel. These women that are missing are daughters, mothers, aunties, and our sisters. They are the creators creations. They don’t deserve the disregard or disrespect these people are saying about them. I’m in tears right now because of how easy it is of people to disrespect the dead. It is just not right!

  17. I guess he got screwed by the government with his taxes so he’s finding a reason to blame indigenous people as most Canadians aren’t educated where our tax money is being spent on. He prob hasn’t a clue the government has been living off of accrued interest of first nations funds. Our tax money benefits those in politics yea were all getting screwed. I’m first nations I pay my taxes but I’m not going to blame another nation for getting screwed I know it’s the government

  18. Woman are the bearers of life the nurterers the real healers respect them as you would your mother. It’s unfortunate some of the ways of our ancestors like walking with love you never know what someone is going through has been forgotten since the settlers arrived… does he even have a child? Missing and murdered some cases unsolved families without closure and this guy says get over it, when someone’s true colors come out it turns ugly. Truth be told he has no heart for whatever reason and he has forgotten there is no getting rid of us. I hope he is surrounded with indigenous people wherever he goes so that he can be reminded he is on our home and native land. After all he chooses to reside here …

  19. KKKlanata for you, enjoy your 150the anniversary still trying to kill us all, but we ain’t going anywheres, anytime soon…

  20. He is also using my picture on a alternate account Kody Carlick is the name on the account, I talked to a contact and she is a native women in his community that he cat fished seeking sexual pictures claiming the picture of me was him

  21. i feel sad for them what a bleak world they must live in, then i bet theyll be the first to rail against terrorism yet it is there very small viewpoint that causes such heartache in this already troubled world, look into yourself before you dare to comment on ANYTHING!!!!

  22. Racism against First Nations is Canada’s great, historic shame that bubbles just below the surface, perpetuating a vicious cycle of discrimination in our courts, jails, social services and protection of native rights.

  23. I was horrified to read the comments made about the missing and murdered women.what country are we in anyway. As a former labour leader and an aboriginal woman my heart cries out to the families of these women who have to read and hear such terrible,terrible comments about their loved ones.i have had the opportunity to speak to some of these families and let me tell you these are not pretty stories.i had an opportunity to visit the pickten site because i wanted to honour these women and their families in my algonquin way.it wasnt easy to do but when i left i felt a peaceful presence leave with me.to the very degority remarks you meet the creater in me cant even begin to address them.i hope your article has built you up as a man because i think you have very low esteem and are sadly trying to bring others down to your level but i dont think that will happen and as i try to sleep tonight i pray to the creature that something as cruel and inhumame as this never happens to one of your loved ones.i hope you have a good sleep tonight because you have certainly disruped thousands of others.

  24. This is why our Indigenous women and girls are victimized, are vulnerable to violence, are murdered, are preyed upon and go missing because people actually believe this. Heartbreaking!!

  25. It will take time for us Natives to fully recover from the invasions of settlers. Most settlers beliefs, behaviour is crude, sadistic, we cannot expect them ever to improve. It is up to us to work our way around these animals , the only way.

    1. Animal? So much for trying to get along. Could this be the problem because nobody tries just call names and blame

    2. We are not all disgusting and sadistic. Please, kindly refrain from painting all of us with the same brush.

  26. Canada is not true north strong and free genocide 150 canadians ugly true colors are surfacing and the world is watching yall whatever anyone does to someone is already done to you. This country system is unravelling

  27. The land has always been our home for foreigners to come into our yard and home n build n bring the sickness of minds to our yards bring much bitter and hatred

  28. Maybe they shouldn’t even be on the social media if they aint got nothing good to say

  29. It is a sad Canada we are now witnessing…After hundreds of years trying to fit the Indigenous people into main stream society…we’ve come to this? When will our Indigenous women ever feel free, safe and secure with our Canadian walls? I hope they punish those who are making such hateful comments!

    1. Wrong!! Fit indigenous into mainstream society?? Wow they tried that with the residential schools. I just say take color out of this..it is missing and murdered women, just like Picton he liked hookers who were white brown black women…when we stop victimizing in the racist ways we shall gain some ground on assholes who think nothing of women…just imagine they are white men who are your husbands, brothers uncles and friends, do you feel safe if you knew their thoughts?

      1. I agree..take color out of this. It is not only indigenous women.
        I had an 18 year old niece kidnapped raped and murdered.

        1. It happens to women of all races, but happens at an insanely higher rate to indigenous women directly related to their race.

        2. No one has ever stated that women of any race cant be raped and murdered. But, if they were ALL Caucasian, that might be an indication of investigative interest. The VAST number of First Nations women missing, and murdered does indicate a selective type of motivation – wouldnt you agree, Shirley – if you stop and think a bit, hmmm?????

          1. Stop and think… what if every one was white, we would not have this issue? I suppose if every women was white then no women would suffer at the hands of a murderer or human trafficking etc?? The gods please educate yourself.

        3. What do you mean take colour out of this . That is exactly how the police treated justice in our nation They took indian (Reds) out of their justice system. Sorry to hear your 18 year old niece was kidnapped raped and murdered . But did the police do a half ass or negligent investigation. What her life valued unlike First Nations women This is the point of the MMIW inquiry . Though police conduct is where on it agenda ?

        4. Don’t make it all about u now lol nvm your niece Stay Off The Indigenous Website. It’s For Us !! Not You White People

    2. Do you enjoy free speech? You cant have freedom of speech if you punish people for what they say.

      1. John – civilised societies around the world that allow free speech will restrict forms of overt hatred aimed at a person’s race, religion or creed. Incitement to hate, harm, murder, or commit a crime are logically not free speech. Perhaps you will suffer a hate crime via ‘free speech’ or a family member, and you will want recourse, John Q. Try that shoe on another foot and see.

      2. Free speech does not protect lying, slander, inciting hatred, threatening others. Is that your version of free speech. Tell us what do you consider free speech.

      3. there is a difference between free speech and hate speech further a Native woman is 10 times as likely to be murdered as a non Native woman in this country

    3. It is great that those hateful ignorant racist are being outed. Thank you APTN I hope they learn such conduct is not acceptable
      There will always be ignorant, hateful people. But we have a PM who is trying . We do not live in a perfect world and that is never the objective . The minister of Justice if FN , That would never happen if racism and hatred were shard by our nations leadership.

    4. We don’t want your main stream world, when are you “white” people (did that annoy you? Being called “you white people”? That is how annoying not all but most white people are two us. Till this day you are still destroying a culture… fyi one culture that is fighting bc of the residential school bc those school stole my native language, raped my grandmother, took my 12 yr old (back then) great aunt and pressed her into service at a work camp. Would your 12 yr old handle working for just some racid food and that’s it 16 hrs a day. Your schools killed many many many native tribes, languages, cultures, a sense of were we belong. Home. They tortured children, talk two any residential survivor, I don’t know many that will talk about it and at the same time some people can’t and those that do are the voices for all. Yes Native people are still afraid of what your schools did because it affects many age groups. The LAST RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL CLOSED IN 1996, YEP 96, the white ppl were still abusing children. How many generations do we have to suffer. You take our land, our right to live on our lands which is pretty much the entire world. Did you know that native ppl are every where in every country. Wake up and try rubbing 2 brain cells … wait that might be to much try a splitting one bc you dunt have many two spare.

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