Face To Face: Cora Morgan takes on Manitoba’s child welfare system

Face to Face: Cora Morgan, a fierce critic of Manitoba’s child welfare system sits down with Dennis Ward.

Dennis Ward
APTN Face To Face
Manitoba has the highest child apprehension rate in the western world with more than 11,000 children in the child welfare system, 90% of them are Indigenous youth.

Cora Morgan is a fierce critic of the child welfare system. Morgan is the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs’ Child and Family Advocate for First Nations.

Youth in CFS care in Manitoba make up the highest number of runaways, feed the sex trade in Winnipeg and fill the province’s jails. Morgan is fighting for the youth and their families to try to turn things around.

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2 thoughts on “Face To Face: Cora Morgan takes on Manitoba’s child welfare system

  1. First of all, what we are talking about here is a very well established and protected “government run and camouflaged” situation which more and more informed citizens are referring to as a Modern Day Human Trafficking Network of “secret child apprehensions – secret Foster Care placements” – done for the purpose of “acquiring funding / acquiring benefits” whereby innocent, vulnerable and harmless children have become a commodity. YES – “Children for Profit”.

    Any Foster Parent, Executive Director of CFS, CPS worker, etc …. who has the lack of common sense to speak in public and try to deflect the truth by blaming parents and families for the Federal and Provincial Governments SCOOPING UP ABORIGINAL CHILDREN FOR PROFIT should be deeply ashamed of themselves. Realistically speaking, …. do you really think that those running and protecting these Crimes Against Humanity can and should be trusted to justify same? OMG …. of course not !!!!

    “The cycle can’t be broken until we help the natural families” …. HAHAHA ……
    Sister these are JUDICIAL FORCED KIDNAPPINGS OF CHILDREN FOR PROFIT ……. and those at the top know whats going on ……. but are lying to Parliament, lying to the people, lying to you the reader …….

    The real question here is “”WHO WOULD TARGET A CHILD””?

    Although the following video is a USA Senator who speaks about Child Protective Services and their Crimes Against Humanity …… everything in her presentation here applies when considering the Modus Operandi behind CPS in general …..



  2. I agree that there is something that needs to done with the child welfare system. As a foster parent I believe that my family provides a safe environment for the youth in our care who have been for the past 6 years and will continue to be part of our family till the day they or their agency say otherwise. As far as the system the cycle is vicious and can’t be broken until we can help the natural family’s. no wonder why apprehension occurs so quickly after children are returned home
    if the environment and family do not make any changes or get the proper supports, than don’t expect big things.

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