Face-to-Face with Betty Ann Lavallee

Face-to-Face on APTN National News
The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples is a lobby group that focuses on issues of Aboriginal people living in urban and small towns across Canada.

At its helm is Betty Ann Lavallee.

She joins host Michael Hutchinson.

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1 thought on “Face-to-Face with Betty Ann Lavallee

  1. I sure wish we could all just look out for each other across the board. Too many lines drawn all over the place. I understand it’s mostly a dream, but I still like to dream sometimes. We need a govt who wants to help us all to get together instead of one that works so hard to divide us. I like this woman; she seems really down to earth and real, as opposed to being a politician type. We need to get rid of politicians and get the country being run by ordinary, down to earth people.

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