Evidence from First Nation student who survived Thunder Bay river attack resurfaces following eye-witness claim

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80 thoughts on “Evidence from First Nation student who survived Thunder Bay river attack resurfaces following eye-witness claim

  1. I was obviously very mistaken about our system. I always believed that autopsies were always done on people, where there was no clear cause.
    If that had been done, maybe there wouldn’t be so many undetermined deaths.
    It so sad that this is happening to Women & Men & it has not become a priority.

  2. “He was walking alone at night by a river in the city when he came across a group of young men who attacked him after a short conversation.”

    So why did he not report & describe who he saw asap? Too many questions . . .

  3. It’s definitely racist serial killers whose crimes are covered up by the OPP because they are also racist. That’s the only reason they overlook these crimes.

  4. This past high school year I was a spectator at a basketball game at Churchill high school. It was a DFC game. I used the schools bathroom at half time and much to my surprise the bathroom stalls were covered in racist slurs, swastikas, and comments like kill ___.
    This was just the week after watching a DFC game at Westgate where the westgate supporters in the stands, parents and the like, displayed disgraceful comments and racism in supporting their all white team.

    What are families and supporters of the DFC boys to think ?

  5. Maybe it involves people in authority like rogue police officers or relatives that do this to aboriginals. And they keep it quiet. Somebody has to say something.

  6. One has to wonder how such atrocious behaviour gets covered. Who can be trusted? What about the national inquiry? Is it for real?

  7. I’m so curious how this mystery blue truck that so many people are talking about hasn’t been identified yet. And why the the boy who got away didn’t immediately identify his attackers to the police. He was face to face with them and had a brief conversation, how in the world can they not be in jail right now?

  8. So basically, serial killers are allowed to roam the streets in Thunder Bay!!! What is going on here? If this happened in Ottawa or Toronto or any other Canadian city it would be international news. WTF

  9. It is beyond sad to hear so much hate. To suggest that all white people and all Thunder Bay citizens, law enforcement included, are racist and possibly murderers is so very wrong and unproductive. People continue to condemn law enforcement based on little or no evidence. Working together to move forward and solve problems and crimes is the only path to any resolution. Hate, blame, unsubstiantied accusations and lack of cooperation will never lead to peace.

  10. The larger systemic problem is that mainstream media isn’t covering these cases. It’s great this is a forum but we all know the issues. We need awareness in mainstream otherwise things won’t change.

  11. It should not matter who they are these young lives have been taken and continue to be taken. They are this countries future. It breaks my heart to think all this potential has been lost and Nothing is being done about it. The RCMP need to step in and take over the whole case and find out what is happening and who is doing this. These lost young people’s family deserve answers. I will pray for this tragedy to be solved.

  12. These racist pricks over there in thunder bay. Those white people that killed all those native people are no less than cold hearted killers. These chicken shits kill women and adolescents, 14 year old, there should be charges braught up against them, even if it means bringing more native cops to that city.
    They can set up decoy’s, set the @#@’s up and charge them all involved. Money and resources should not be an issue in solving these horrendous killings. With these killers walked around, no native indigenous people are safe and it will happen again. These sick @$#@’s get their kicks out of ruthlessly killing people are sick and should be locked away. These racist people are sick sadists who will spread racism in thunder bay and it’s high there.
    We should bring in outside RCMP.

  13. why has the native community not asked for a ceremony like the Shake Tent or get a seer in to tap into the identity of hose involved. remember once blood is on the hands of a man or boy in this case they will always strife to re-create the same sensation that they gained on the very first killing……..ask for help and the spirit world will assist those answers we as Canadians have……

  14. Something really stinks big-time around all of these tragedies. From cover-up to complicity?

  15. Very heartfelt, disgusting that we are in the same situation in dealing with our missing women. Those are our young youth, they are our next generation. I always felt that THUNDER BAY was not a place for any of our FN people. It has lots of Racism & hate towards FN’s and becoming world wide known of who they really are. Prayers & tobacco for the families and truth.

  16. This is completely unacceptable and disturbing
    The youth were isolated from their families while they were being preyed on by racist radicals of the most sickening degree

  17. This is disturbing, and gone on far to long. Not only in Thunder Bay but all accross Cnanda. Deaths of inocent children throught the first nations with absolutely no results in its finding. Brushed under the carpet ,like they just donot matter. Further more, the indignity treatment of First Nation People in Canada is DISGUSTING, SHAMEFUL, and needs to be addressed immediately.
    The Government can bring and allow people into this countery and foot the bill for it..but cannot take care and protect our own Canadians., First NATIONS REQUIRE INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION INTO ALL OF THESE TERRIBLE ISSUES.

    1. Maybe someone or some people are afraid for us to be a great big nation again, before they tried to wipe us out

  18. What the hell is happening in Thunder Bay? You have CHILDREN from several First Nations that have no alternative but to leave their communities for a higher education. They find hope in Thunder Bay, but baby that’s a bad move. TB is so dam racist is it’s funny. If them non native people don’t like them coming into their town they had better leave cause when you think about it most of that territory is Anishnabwe territory, and yes let’s say stolen lands. Settlers act like we are destroying their towns, but let’s reverse many moons that land was well travelled by many Indigenous people trading with each other and travelling for ceremonies etc, etc. Thunder Bayers would rather live an uneducated life with their heads up their ass.

  19. Whatever us going on in Thunder Bay right now is disgusting on so many levels. Not only do the children need more support, those that should feel like they can protect are being prosecuted by each other. Take a step back and everyone needs to start working together and stop fighting with each other period.

    It takes a village to raise a child…a positive impact will result if each person looks at the potential of the city to bd a safe place again.

  20. This is a serial killer or killers and in my opinion if the victims were white they would be getting the attention they deserve. Disgusting.

  21. uhh..it sounds like you got a group of rednecks killing indians..for all we know they could be off duty cops thus the unwillingness to investigate

  22. Why cannot they appoint a separate or private investigator to this task, then we will get straight answers & possibly a conviction on these serial killers

  23. So sad..there was another guy from Mishkeegogamang first nation, he Stated that he got picked up by the police and drove him somewhere by the river and throw him into the river but he managed to swim as far from so they would not be able​ to reach him, he survived he was too afraid to say anything or talked about it..

    1. tell him there is help, He can privately go to NAN office they’re going to have their own investigators…he can tell them the date n when it happened they will go through the list of cops who were working that night. Alvin Fiddler at NAN wouldn’t mind reporting what happened to him..hope he doesn’t keep it to himself.

  24. I had a feeling that all these First Nation teenagers were maybe being killed by a serial killer(s) or someone or maybe being killed by many people, or maybe some kind of law enforcement. And I thought ilt strange how no pattern has been investigated until now. Like, if I was there, I would be extremely concerned and raise a big fuss and wouldn’t stop until answers were found…
    Sorry to these people found dead in the river. RIP-to all these that died…Later…Jeanne : o

    1. Seriously? Accusations of law enforcement “killing kids”
      Ya, that’s reasonable!

  25. Disgusting….disturbing…..and alarming. Is this what we accept in Canada?

    1. Canada, is too focus on Immigration, the people of this so called great nation are falling through the gaps of Canada’s legislation?

  26. Why is there so much racism back East in Ontario and Saskatchewan? Why can’t they live in peace back there with everyone?

  27. Great article.Very Honest and to the point.Someone has to stand up for the deseased.Find the Truth.It is the RIGHT thing to do.Change our community’s to a safer more loving and diverse place to live.So much rasim We have far to go but can start now by talking about the Truth.

  28. Wearing “horse blinders” and the blatant disregard of truths by those “who serve to protect”, only perpetuates the negative aspects of purpose and the very demise of their own.

  29. This is sick, why are first nations targeted for physical abuse and killed. What makes me sick is that the system’s are designed to serve and protect the victims but it’s not the case here. We as first nations knew that the strong racisms exists everywhere but when is it right to take a person life. Maybe the individuals involved think they will never be caught but when the day of reckoning is upon them, they will serve the underworld with no room to die but to be tortured the same way they are doing it to first nations. You are condemned by your actions

  30. When I first heard that one of the three teenagers in a pick up truck had thrown a trailer hitch out the window to hit Barbara Kentner (likely an attempt to kill her) my first thought was to wonder what else had they done? How many times had they done something similar to others and could they be responsible for the drownings? If not them, were there other young white men intentionally doing this? It certainly seems more and more likely. And I think this story confirms that young First Nations people are being targeted and murdered without the police doing proper investigations. I lived in Vancouver when the police, the mayor and much of the public refused to believe they had a serial killer in their midst. We have to take this possibility very seriously. Even to suspect the police, who we know in other cities have engaged in murdering First Nations people.

    1. oh my, I was thinking the same comparison! Look how long it took them to start a proper investgation. 🙁

  31. Something Stinks of Violent Racism. Where are the Police and their Job To Serve and Protect. Are they Racist Too?

  32. Is that the same blue truck that is throwing rocks out the passenger window and screaming at natives calling them bogans walking on the street?

    1. That sounds like a definite link and should be added to the case. I think we have laws protecting all Canadian citizens. You would think if anything our first, original citizens would be entitled same protection.

      1. I agree Richard… there may be a link with the attacks with rocks to those native people. Also why are they not patrolling the areas where these teens have died?

  33. There are so many maybes, but how can 7 deaths of indigenous youth be continuously determined to be accidental/undetermined? 1 maybe but not 7!! Maybe there is a serial killer! Maybe it’s one of the police or the commissioner’s children doing this? Maybe..maybe..maybe! My question is if these youth are coming from the north, how then can they not know about water? I see them growing up surrounded by water! Just too many maybes that investigators need to ask themselves, how can the police not see that?

  34. This is both shocking and frightening. The fact that none of these deaths appear to have been investigated properly – The files closed and then buried in some almost unattainable place. ALL of these cases have to be re-opened, NOW, and investigated properly. Can anyone possibly believe that our young people are making their way to Thunder Bay to commit suicide, or that they are so careless that all of them fall into the same river and drowned. The investigation of these cases is not a request, it is a DEMAND. Is some group operating in Thunder Bay. I don’t know, but i want to know. Do we have to start another list, Missing and Murdered Teens?? I hope not. But if these cases are not resolved, then I fear that is exactly what we will have to do. Please do a proper investigation of all of these cases, and provide us with the same protection that we are ALL afforded under our Constitution. May Creator guide you in your work.

    1. The answer to this problem would be for the provincial & federal governments work hand in hand with the Chiefs to allow more funding to flow into First Nations Education to have their own high schools. Provide more funding and better housing for high scool teachers in the northern isolated fly in communities. When I was a teenager and had to leave home to attend high school, I encountered the exact same situation, however, I was able to escape. Racism is still there with some white folks. Today, I’m 66 yrs old and am glad to still be alive to tell my story. I sat on the Board of Education on my own First Nation and fought hard to get our own high school and today we have our own high school. So First Nations in the north, fight hard to get your own high schools. We have that right to get an education without fear of being murdered.

  35. I think this is so disgusting how unqualified police officers handle investigations. In the USA these individuals would of been brought to justice. Maybe the United State Government should handle your investigations you incompetent pieces of shit. Time to carry loaded weapons and shoot! Ask questions later.

    1. With all the racism going on in the USA, I don’t think they would do anything, they are worse. As for carrying loaded guns!!! Are you serious!!! Haven’t you heard or read about all the innocents getting killed every day in the States!!

    2. Really???? this is Canada – We seek Justice – not shoot people and ask questions Later. Another Trump supporter trolling our Canadians?

    3. There ya go, make America hate again. Tote guns on your own soil. Dont dare come to Canada, you’d get spanked with a little mouth like that.

    4. Much of the racism in Canada is due to organized KKK influence and American insurgency and the politics of divide and conquer, and I rest my case with your trollish comment. We’re speaking of murder and you want us to carry guns? How’s that going for you?

    5. Umm… The U.S.Government’s track record on First Nations issues is as bad (if not worse) than Canada’s. .Keep your guns to yourselves. What IS needed are some serious changes to the screening process of law enforcement applicants AND for those who know something to speak up and report it. (To help MAKE the police accountable make sure you take at least one witness with you, get the officer’s name and badge number plus a report number) This is all too similar to what happened in B.C. with Robert PictonNancy

    6. You think Native people have it bad in Canada? The USA is worse by far! The people of Canada need to step up and insist that these matters be dealt with in a new and better way. Peace!

  36. Unbeleavable, shameful, disgusting! That force needs to be disbanded and investigated for criminal charges among members in charge of investigating the deaths.
    It’s inconceivable that the officers are that incompetent. There is something serious going on on the inside. My sympathies to the families of the murdered youth.

  37. Dangerous mentality that allows the deaths of these young people to remain univestigated. Come on Ontario Police!! Are you all that insensitive to the insanity?

  38. Exactly reopen cases and look at the cases.. Our Nations have taken enough abuse and racism…The time is now to change legislation that keeps you from helping us… These are human beings whose lives were taken by race hate that led to murder… it is 2017 and Our people still suffer on our homeland and treated like we are non existent. .. we are we are here and asking for change we have been for 500 years now we demand for the legal process to treat all cases like they were white people.. seriously I am so sick of racism..tyranny..genocide..apartheid. it has to change we lived here longer than your legislation and laws… remember the land which you are on and those that inhabit here…the treaties involved us and you which proofs our existence here now start treating us properly for we are not your property…

  39. As far as I’m concerned this is so typical of law enforcements in Canada and the reason for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, and I don’t understand why “and Men” isn’t attached….I am thankful for the northern Chiefs who are pushing the issue with regard to the so-called mysterious deaths of indigenous men who were found in the river….it’s sickening what goes on in this free land of the brace and free!

    1. why is it that the Canadian Government can finance bringing refuges into Canada, but cannot put forth any effort to stop the violence within the First Nations, from murder to physical abuse, it is never ending. OPP along with regular towns and city police such as Thunder Bay turn a blind Eye.
      This is their land and the treatment they receive is disgusting. They refuse to place funds into solving these on going murders and missing children among first nations, When will it stop when will our politicians stand up for all Canadians, all races, all the people…

      1. I agree that the Canadian Government needs to immediately step up the quality of care for our indigenous people. Deprivation of clean drinking water and the chronic lack is utterly abusive. This British North America needs proper governing . Now !

    2. All the northern opp detachments should be investigated for lack of concern for indigenous fatalities.

    3. Funny how the police department didn’t pursue the matter although they had a survivor and a key witness.

      1. I completely agree. Reminds me of the police cover ups here in Saskatoon in regards to the police services deadly “starlight tours”. They drove people, native people to be specific, out side of town. They were left to walk in. In light clothing. In -30° conditions. This resulted in death and extensive cover up’s by members of Saskatoon Police Service. There was a witness to one event, a close friend of one of the SPS’ victims. This man froze to death, hence the cover up.

  40. The only ones who hate enough to do this are white supremacists and they don’t fly under the radar. Somebody knows something especially if they attack like a pack of junkyard dogs.

    1. The attack on this man in 08 sounds like a truck full of losers trying to have fun at someone elses expense ,but the river deaths sound like body dumps.Just my opinion but I figure these kids are down in T.bay for school ,,along with school goes weekend parties ,,in every public school,,, on every weekend in the free world. They come from up North ,they want to fit in with their peers,,only down here they have access to everything ten times easier than up there and ten times less costly ,Now you got your mixture…Now they all overdo it,,it doesnt have to be a party by the river,, it could be anywhere in the city. now the worst happens ,,oh,oh what do we do ,,We dont call an ambulance because that means police involvement,Which means questions ,like where did they get the drugs or alcohol and by who??? ,Why were you there???Do you know you can be charged for consuming alcohol and be charged as an accessory to the crime ,, (they always say that one to scare ya) ,,Plus they would have to become a ratout,, which they dont want .Not only that but they are deathly afraid of the Police from stories they have heard.Thats how these bodies end up in the water,,,its the closest place they can bring them late at night ,and nobody around ,Plus they can even get a vehicle down those pathways,,As far as a crazy bunch of white dudes in pointy hats and sheets attacking people and drowning them ,,I dont see that happening.

        1. Im sorry but no matter, in my, our beliefs, theres no way something like that would go against our morals! Our moms dads grammas grampas aunties and uncles would know! To hide a drowning because some one bought/sold drugs or alcohol for someone, is non realistic!! Sorry to say!

      1. Are you imlying these kids are doing drugs and alcohol!? That’s systemic racism in itself! There was no real otopsy done on these victims and it says that in the article for all we know they could have been beaten to death and dumped as well. It takes a certain type of evil to do this to anyone based on race let alone children.

        1. These kids were doing drugs and alcohol. Read the news articles for yourself instead of the typical claim of racism.

          1. Just because they come from up north doesnt mean they never got drunk before… Our reserves are mostly surrounded by water.. You never hear of anyone drowning in the reserve after a night of partying…
            (just left my comment anywhere)
            I believe someone is doing this and someone out there knows who….

      2. There is no way that a normal sensible person can discount these sad events let alone a supposedly trained officer of law.
        Let the review of Thunder Bay police run its course n than try to defend it.
        My thoughts, there is more than what we know @ present.

      3. Your rant doesn’t make sense. It is not logical. I bet you blame rape victims too. It’s easier to deny, than to try and be an agent of positive change.

      4. That’s exactly the same kind of BS people were saying when 100s of indigenous women started going missing here in BC. Yeah “crazy” white dudes killing aboriginal people would never happen…

      5. Well here in the real world this crap still goes on and if you dont see it or get it youre in denial

      6. Well, this is the most bizarre rationalization I’ve heard. “Losers having fun …” no! These are dangerous, racist thugs who are at best participating in assault and possibly attempted murder. It is much more likely that these criminals have done this repeatedly. White dudes in pointy hats … well, today’s racist thugs don’t need pointy hats, and they have certainly attacked and killed more than one person they don’t like. Why Thunder Bay should be immune to their disease is a mystery to me. One death … possible accident … seven deaths (6 from the same school) is a huge stretch. Something is very wrong in Thunder Bay.

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