Conservative MP defends himself over Idle No More comments

Last week a modest group of protestors braved cold weather in front of Conservative MP Ryan Leef’s riding office as part of the Idle No More rallies.

APTN National News
Last week a modest group of demonstrators braved cold weather in front of Conservative Yukon MP Ryan Leef’s riding office as part of the Idle No More rallies.

Leef didn’t address the people but was quoted in a Yukon paper saying: “They should be delivering their message and not needing an MP as a spokesperson on their behalf.”

He was slammed by Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett who called the behaviour unacceptable.

Leef is denying he made the comment.

APTN National News reporter Shirley McLean has more on the story.

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11 thoughts on “Conservative MP defends himself over Idle No More comments

  1. Isn’t that what an MP is FOR? To be the spokesperson for his region??I dont want to say the ‘R’ word but I think that you know where Im going with this statement.

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  3. Thing is Yukon might be separate according to the feds but we are one nation in our terms. Seems like they are trying to divide and conquer. Smh this “doesn’t effect” people in the USA or the Lakota women in Egypt but they are protesting in solidarity. They are supporters. As first nations people and Canadians we all are effected it shows by the lack of attentiveness everywhere we have marched so yes it does effect the Yukon it effects all aboriginals and all Canadians. we need to let people know we won’t be walked all over as indigenous people of the world or as people of Canada this is a free country and we will be heard.

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