Conservative director booted from riding board over comments describing ‘Indians’ as ‘self-loathing’

Riding association director said “Indians” should “assimilate”

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APTN National News
A Conservative riding association director in Ontario who posted online comments describing “Indians” as “self-loathing” and the Cree woman recently crowned Mrs. Universe as a “monster” was punted Tuesday from her position after the party became aware of her social media diatribes.

Sue MacDonell was on the board of directors for the newly formed Bay of Quinte Conservative riding association. She was also an active volunteer for Bay of Quinte Conservative candidate Jodie Jenkins’ campaign. Campaign officials confirmed she had recently done some door-to-door canvassing in the riding.

Pictured: Former Bay of Quinte Conservative riding association director Sue MacDonell. Facebook
Pictured: Former Bay of Quinte Conservative riding association director Sue MacDonell. Facebook

All that appears to have ended after the party learned of MacDonell’s social media comments. The party issued a statement through riding association president John Bonn saying MacDonell was forced from her position.

“This morning, the Bay of Quinte Electoral District Association became aware that one of its board members had posted some inappropriate content on her personal social media site, in her personal capacity. Upon become aware of the content, the association required and accepted her resignation effective immediately,” said the statement. “The views expressed by the now former board member will not be tolerated and do not reflect those of the Bay of Quinte EDA.”

APTN National News contacted MacDonell Tuesday morning asking her to confirm her views.

“What about them?” said MacDonell.

MacDonell then hung up the phone after an APTN reporter read the comments she posted back to her.

“Sorry, not interested,” she said.

APTN also contacted Jenkins and asked him if he shared her views.

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” said Jenkins. “You are catching me completely off-guard.”

MacDonell describes herself as a former Toronto police sergeant on her Facebook page where she recently posted a photo of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his wife Laureen, along with anti-immigration links referencing the rising migrant crisis in Europe.

Just recently, MacDonell posted a link from right-wing shock website The Rebel Media about Ash Callingbull, the Cree woman recently crowned Mrs. Universe. The article said Callingbull compared Harper to Hitler.

MacDonell wrote that Callingbull was an “entitled liberal pet” and a “monster.” After one poster said the pageant should take back the crown over the Hitler comparison, MacDonell blasted all First Nation people.

“From an Indian??? LOL!!!! They’re allowed to break every law we have and bankrupt the country,” wrote MacDonell.


MacDonell comment on Ash Callingbull
MacDonell comment on Ash Callingbull

MacDonell has also posted her own ideas about how to end racism.

“If Indians want to eradicate racism, then assimilate. Ditch the Halloween costumes…and adopt 20thCentury dress, leave the reserves, stop acceding to demands made by chiefs who live like millionaires while their subjects live in poverty, find unemployment, stop demanding money you haven’t earned, become educated and join our society,” she said in a Jan. 24 Facebook post.

MacDonell has been consistently posting comments along the same themes since as far back as 2012, according to several screen grabs obtained by APTN National News.

“Indians loathe us and have no self-respect,” said MacDonell, who referred to right-wing agitator Ezra Levant in her 2013 Facebook post.



NDP candidate Niki Ashton, who is the party’s Aboriginal affairs critic, said the comments were “disgusting” and “clearly racist.” She said MacDonell held a position with the party which demanded the prime minister clarify where he stood in regards to the views.

“Does the prime minister stand by these comments?” said Ashton.

Liberal candidate Michele Audette, who is the former head of a national Indigenous women’s organization, said she found MacDonell’s comments “hurtful” and ignorant.

“She must apologize and resign,” said Audette. “(The Conservative party) does attract people with lots of ignorance.”

The Bay of Quinte riding was recently created and one of its boundaries skirts the edge of the Tyendinaga Mohawk reserve.

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64 thoughts on “Conservative director booted from riding board over comments describing ‘Indians’ as ‘self-loathing’

  1. The Conservatives sure seem to attract some very low-grade people. They’re everywhere in that party. I think they feel accepted. That should tell you all you need to know about Tories.

  2. It continues to amaze me that people find this woman’s (and others’) acts of racism to be so surprising. This is a constant presence for people of colour – especially the First Peoples of this land. We don’t have enough discussion about white privilege and all that it entails, impacts and perpetuates. As a country that has developed layers of anti-racist laws and protocols and human rights protections, we don’t hold our legislators and politicians to account for their inability to uphold these laws. Look at the long history of successes in the highest court of this land – The Supreme Court of Canada – which government of the day actually enforces any of the emerging rulings to ensure that our rights are protected? I haven’t witnessed it yet. Our successes in changing the public perspective and mindset has been done in spite of all the misconceptions of racists (and just the general public) not because of those misconceptions – ie. we get everything for free…we don’t pay taxes…we’re ignorant…we’re all drunks….and on and on and on. I have heard nearly every slur there is to make against any segment of our population….and yet here we are!!
    A wise politician can help to create a wise government by recognizing what we, the original peoples of this land, have to offer and making the best use of it.
    Their colonialist forbears have tried to exterminate, extinguish, assimilate us and it hasn’t worked. They need to ask why.

  3. Dan, opinions are like toothbrushes. Everybody has one, so there’s no need to share. As a public employee, she has every right to express that opinion, but also has every right to suffer the consequences of being a bigoted a**hole who is apparently proud of her idiocy..

  4. Sue MacDonell – racist, bigot, ignorant, mis-informed, blind and just plain stupid. The wing-nuts of society love to elect their own. She might run as an independent. Anybody see Rob Ford around?

  5. her views are no different than anyone in the harper cabinet and that includes the daryl kramp i am mbq (mohawks of the bay of quinte ) this is our territory and she best get her facts straight before shooting her mouth off in mbq territory with racist comments this way its best she moves if she checked the tc banks report last week she would find out that first nations are not a burden on the canadian economy quite the opposite putting billions back into it each year more than any other race in this country and she best remember what they treansfer payments are for and this country is on rented land here the brits won no wars against the first nations here ever but leased the lands and we are the first nations here if there is any assimilation maybe its the canadians that should melt into ours and she has to remember this country would either be french or american if it were not for the iroquois mainly the mohawk from the mbq the keepers of the eastern door MY FAMILY

  6. I have a status wife and we wont live on her reserve !! Its basically lawless…Chief steels all the money with his croonies ..I am non status and my wife is status and believe me she has a lot more rights than me ..!! I was born in Canada why does she have more rights than me..?

    1. What do you understand of the creation of Canada and the role play by the different nations in its creation? Do you see First Nations as sovereign? Just so I know where u are with your understanding of Canadian History. Makes it easier to answer the question about rights

    2. I don’t think reserves need people like you living on them. Your stereotypes of aboriginal people are cheap and offensive.

  7. OMG.. I can’t believe there are people as ignorant as this in important positions that have a lot to do with the government. Being a racist on a social network open to millions, maybe even billions of people.. I’m glad that she’ll be forgotten and only remembered as “the old white lady who trash talked the aboriginals and got FIRED.!”

  8. Yah…America is dead, dead, dead?
    But us up here in the great white north…CANADA -are still trying to save ourselves and retain some semblance of decency.

  9. Um – DAN — this is CANADA. It is a different country. The First Amendment is not a Canadian document. And yes, in Canada, we have hate speech laws that we take seriously. By the way, America includes 55 countries and territories — where you live is called the United States. Hope that helps.

  10. ” Ditch the Halloween costumes…and adopt 20thCentury dress”
    Pretty unintentionally revealing slip of the tongue. Guess those natives ain’t the ONLY ones living in the past, eh?

  11. Well, here we are. I guess when you are a public figure you cannot express how you really feel on this or any other subject unless you are in favor of the majority. No, I do not agree with this idiot who has a limited couch potato thought process on any subject and I would love to debate with this woman, but as for whether I feel that she can not speak her mind. Friggen right she can and since when do you the people decide what is right and wrong in free speech. Free speech is not about saying what everyone wants you to hear. That’s being a politician and we know what they do. The say one thing and think another. Problem is, they have the power to push their ideas forward on the public. Let’s be honest, a lot of people out there have no idea the history of the aboriginal peoples of this continent. This makes their opinion ignorant on it’s face. So listening to someone who comes in on a conversation at the end and having not heard anything but the last sentence, is our fault. They do not know squat about what is real and still want to speak on it. Do not worry about these people, the are simple minded and no one of any intelligence will even think of these people after the last word they say.

    1. What you are forgetting to mention, Colin Geary is that even though we all have the right to hold whatever views we want to hold AND to express them within reason…we also hold an equally important RESPONSIBILITY when it comes to freedom of speech/expression. If I choose to express my views, I must be prepared to live with the consequences of that expression. This may mean having people respond angrily or it may even mean losing my job. My employer may not want to be associated with someone of my mind set. THAT is freedom of speech. Not the right to say whatever you want whenever you want in whatever forum you want with no consequences whatsoever. If one is a public figure..then yes! One has to absolutely be mindful of what one expresses, knowing what sentiments society currently deems offensive, appropriate, etc… That is inherent in the whole game of being a public representative. Public figures have to be doubly careful of what they say because they are trying to represent a large group, not just themselves.

    2. She used her right to free speech. And she paid the price. The right to say what you want does not equal not being responsible for hatred you spew.

  12. MacDonell Seems to forget that her blood line is over here because her country was over populated and many people couldn,t, make a living She had the luck of the draw got a good education ended up in politics now she fucked that up By calling down the first peoples of this great nation . Another thing she does not pay attention to is that the white people who came from europe along with their fucked up religions had every chance and lots of money to educate the native populations of this country than we would be living in harmony not at each others throats Instead they purposely planted tuberculosis to try and kill off the native peoples of this land . To this day the native peoples are living in 5th world conditions . And she is cunt yapping . Fuck her.

  13. If indeed she worked as a police sergeant that would mean every penny she made was from government coffers. I always find it amusing when people who are public employees think that everyone else from aboriginals to cbc employees “lack industry” and “exist on welfare”. Hopefully she is no longer serving and protecting the public, as clearly she holds aboriginal citizens of this country in contempt.

  14. Why is it that when someone speaks the “reality” of the native situation, the “truth”
    of their dependence on Mother government, as children of our society, in adult bodies,
    with little or no work ethic, that the “MEDIA” objects?
    TRUDEAU (P}, created a gold mine for “lawyers”, with his silly HUMAN RIGHTS BILL.
    Your taxes and mine, now pay for lawyers to try and obtain more money for the
    natives, while your taxes and mine, pay for lawyers to try and avoid more free gifts
    to the aboriginals.
    What is worse, new immigrant groups, now also have “RIGHTS”!
    The “WORKING CANADIAN” should not have to support those who choose
    not to work, because of historical treaties, or “refugee” status!

    1. Dear God! Are you saying that all humans who live in Canada have RIGHTS?! The HORROR!!! What is happening to this country?! Won’t somebody please think of the [white] children?

    2. I see you are about as racist as she is. Why you are lurking on this website is beyond me. It would be easy to disprove the gibberish you are coming up with, but not worth my time.Go to the Sun news site, where you can be happy ranting to others as ignorant as you.

  15. Can someone explain to me why a high profile native man like Don Burnstick is allowed to make far worse racist comments against Stephan Harper and other white leaders, and that’s ok because its “his opinion”, but some white person posts her opinions on facebook and its labelled horribly racist and everyone loses their shit over it?????????

    1. Ummm? Where to begin? What is your definition of racist? Because usually it has to do with systemic power imbalances. Someone in a riding association has a great deal of power over which minorities are included. Don Burdick has no power over white Canada, but Mr Harper has a great deal over aboriginal Canada. I am not trying to be condescending, but that is a significant difference right?

    2. one is a comedian, one wants to be directly involved in the delivery of democracy and governance……your question is really not a very good one,no offense.

    3. Don Burnstick is not trying to run the country!!!! but unassimulate this mess that had been caused to our people, with making us laugh at all the need for power and possession by people with views like yours and Harper’s.

    4. Because Don is a comedian .. how did this turn into question period about a comedian?? Regardless of his race he is a comedian..

    5. Don Burnstick is not running the country or trying to. A leader should have completed understanding and acceptance.

    6. Sure. Because white people are the ones with power. You can hate white people for their oppression of … Well, everyone else, but what harm does that do? None really. Hurts that guy’s feelings, at worst. However if a white person is spewing racist crap, it helps perpetuate the system of oppression.

    7. because she’s not just ‘some white person”. She was a highly positioned Conservative campaigning for a candidate…so does she represent that party’s views…or her own…so, they fired her …doesn’t say here if they gave her a chance to recant or not but, who would believe it anyways…?

    8. Are you kidding me? theirs a huge difference,between a comedians rhetoric and a politicians HATRED!!!GET YOUR SHYTE TOGETHER,YOU MORON..

    9. You’re probably a conservative who confuses a comedian with a riding association director and the work they do. Please allow me to explain it to you. There is irony involved here. The comedian uses humor to point out social issues while making people laugh. The riding association director is in a position which requires a responsible and professional attitude toward the public. If racism was not a serious issue then it wouldn’t be the focus of the story. Your rant about the comparisons between two people whose opinions are racist is pointless when you consider that Don Burnstick is paid to tell jokes and Se MacDonell is paid to represent a political group.

    10. @Shaun Harris: I would be happy to explain this to you. I hope you can hear it. You live in a social condition called SYSTEMIC WHITE PRIVILEGE, in that you don’t view racism the same as persons of color do, because you’re not a person of color. You have this distorted way of thinking, because you’re white, that there must be something wrong with anyone who doesn’t think or rationalize this issue like you do, because it only makes sense, right?

      But not to a person of color. Any way you slice it, we (I’m Asian, BTW) don’t receive the same assumed benefits that you do, because we are obviously non Caucasian. And because of how this system is set up and who it is run by, we will be treated differently until the system changes to include everyone equally. You need look no further than the #BlackLivesMatter argument that’s been raging over the summer to see what a huge issue this is, and is finally getting the voice it deserves from the people most affected, and that is the non Caucasians.

  16. I just want to apologize for the ignorance and selfishness of some of these people ..that don’t have enough sense to live and let live. One day…this will change. Cheers!

  17. As much as I dislike Harper, seems to me equating him with Hitler, if that’s what she did, is going overboard. I don’t find Ms. MacDonell’s remark on assimilation all that outrageous. It’s certainly one possible approach. We expect most groups of immigrants to assimilate, so why not natives? What is it about being aboriginal that makes assimilation anathema? I assimilated. It’s not all that bad.

    1. Because this was our continent. Why should we have to conform to people who didn’t originate here? (And before someone comes at me saying “natives aren’t from here,” explain why we have our own unique DNA.) We’ve conformed enough, but our brown skin and long hair will always deter us from being white-passing. For most of us, it is or was forced assimilation.

      1. I saw an archeological report of a camp site they found from 13 thousand years ago, on BC’s west coast. First Nations have been here that long if not longer…archeological PROOF.

      2. My understanding is that the aboriginal people of north america believed that the land did not belong to them but was the realm of the great spirit, although various tribes claimed certain territories which were achieved through violence, destruction and physical annihilation of the then inhabitants.

      3. As a white Canadian from British heritage, I feel disgust at the way our ancestors treated your people and other First Nations. It was barbaric and inhumane and our governments to this day seem to be carrying on the tradition. I wish I knew as an individual, what I could do other than just write my MP and MPP to demand they treat you all as equal to all other Canadians, with the same respect, support and compassion as we expect. If you know, please tell us. Please know that while there are more and more racists now spoiling our Canada thanks to Mr. Harper’s racist and inhumane attitudes, there are many Canadians who do care about the way you have all been shafted, abused, ripped off and cheated atrociously by too many to count. Very much. And please never give up your uniqueness and culture. It’s what makes you you and authentic, and what I admire and love so much, Assimilation is for the racists.

    2. we are not a melting pot here in Canada..we are multicultural..and assimilation is a horrid idea…that’s whats been done to First Nations people all along, destruction of their culture, scooping of their children to put them in residential schools, “to take the indian out of them”…beating them, abusing them if they dared to speak their own language. If you are not part of the solution, Lech, you are part of the problem…racism and bigotry are false beliefs meant to make those that practice these things, feel superior to the people who are being victimized by these practices….disgusting at best.

    3. You do know what Native means don’t you? Or the other name they are often referred to as, First Nations? Since they were here first, why does it make any sense for them to have to assimilate to us?

      And for that matter, why does it make sense for anyone to assimilate, since we are a relatively young country built on multiculturalism. Our strength is our differences. We can still work together and play together and keep our cultural heritage, if we so choose. It doesn’t hurt anyone, so why is it an issue?

      1. and cultures should never be lost, it is very important to keep the cultures of everyone, no matter where they are from.
        Every culture has great qualities about them, some of the leaders not so much, but the culture, yes, I love learning about different cultures and have many in my own family, from my Grand daughter who is first nations to my grand parents who are Irish/French and German.

    4. With that logic it is the European settlers that should have assimilated into the existing Native society at the time of arrival.

    5. Aboriginals aren’t immigrants. The rest of us are immigrants.
      We didn’t offer to assimilate into native culture; we have no right to demand it of the first people.

    6. Excuse me, why should first Nations people assimilate. They are the Indigenous people here. They have a unique language and culture that should and will be retained. Why would we want to assimilate when we live in both worlds and do quite well. Some choose to live in urban communities that are set aside. I think most new Canadians need to read history and remember who the original inhabitants of this land are. Respect is most important and saying that someone is self loathing is deplorable. She deserves to be fired. Mitakuye oyasin.

      1. I agree completely. I wish that more First Nations people would be a bigger part of the general public of Canada, always maintaining their culture as their own. This would teach others that they are just as much, if not the best, part of Canada’s history and society, and equal to all others. They are the same as everyone as humans but unique to everyone else as to their culture. Just as the French in Quebec, the Irish, Scottish in the Eastern provinces, the Ukrainians in the central provinces, etc. We are not a white Christian country. We are a multi-national, multi-cultural country where we should respect everyone for their uniqueness. It’s what gives Canada it’s open heart and compassion for all.

    7. Assimilation hasn’t worked yet, they been trying since before confederation of this Country. “They”(Governments in power at any given time), can’t have it both ways with natives. They want us to assimilate, but they want to sweep us out of the way, keep us confined to Reserves in order to Juke some statistics here and there. Reserves are under Federal jurisdiction too, making them territories, like Yukon, NWT and Nunavut, just smaller and more spread out… One Federal department, Aboriginal Affairs, has dug itself a hole it will never get out of over the last 150+ years… People think they can just up an leave the Rez whenever they want, it really isn’t that easy, especially when you’re in a remote area and travel may cost a few months rent…

    8. By that understanding, all we settlers should be assimilating into the local first nation’s culture. While that’s not a bad idea, it’s not likely to happen. The indigenous peoples are not immigrants. The rest of us are.

      We need to find a way to be the kind of open and just country we believed ourselves to be. The treaties were nation to nation and do not represent any kind of hand out. They have not been properly honoured. The treaties apply to all of us. We are all treaty people.

  18. Unbelievable. Doubly shocking that people like Shobna Kapoor (who replied to the email post) is so delusional that she doesn’t think they say the same things about her behind closed doors.

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