Committee looks at ways to help communities on financial track

Todd Lamirande
APTN National News
142 First Nations are in some type of default management.

That includes co-managers or third party management.

A House of Commons committee is currently looking at preventing communities from going into default.

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Todd Lamirande is a member of the Métis Nation. He’s the Host/Producer of APTN’s political show, Nation to Nation. Todd first joined APTN in 2000 as a video journalist. He then anchored APTN National News for 2 years and moved on to host APTN Investigates for 5 seasons.

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  1. When they get into deficits they rob other programs. Program managers have no control of designated funds for every revenue goes into general accounts. There should be separate accounts for essential services like education. Education funds very often supplement deficits which in term compromises students education. Over a quarter of million dollars has been creamed off the top of education funding at the start of new fiscal year budgets.

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