Candidate for Calgary city council hopes to bring an ‘Indigenous lens’ to city issues

A First Nation woman running for councillor says there isn’t enough Indigenous representation on the Calgary city council. Michelle Robinson says that’s why, after years of community work, she’s running for city councillor.

Video Journalist / Calgary

Tamara is Métis from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She received a diploma in interactive media arts at Assiniboine Community College in Brandon and has worked as a videographer for CBC in Winnipeg and Iqaluit. Tamara was hired by APTN in 2016 as a camera/editor and is now a video journalist in our Calgary bureau.

4 thoughts on “Candidate for Calgary city council hopes to bring an ‘Indigenous lens’ to city issues

  1. May I help you out, Ms. Robinson ? Your efforts are inspiring!

    I am currently on sabbatical, so I have some time to focus on things that I find very important.

    I live in downtown Calgary, I have many First Nation relatives and friends, and I have media skills I brought with me from NY.

    Please let me know if I might be of assistance.

    – Jacquie Maurice (aka Ksisskanikkkanaa)

  2. It well be a positive impact to all as an Indigenous women to forge the way to city council

  3. Love this story!
    Love the picture of Calgary, too. Can’t see an attribution. I don’t suppose it’s in the public domain? Is it available?

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