Canada vs. St. Anne’s Indian residential school survivor H-15019

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5 thoughts on “Canada vs. St. Anne’s Indian residential school survivor H-15019

  1. Dear H-15019,
    Have you heard the “hush” across the nation.There has been a pause.People are listening to you. You are making a difference in many peoples’ lives. You are making a difference in my life. I have not suffered like you but my Mother suffered and although I will never know the depth of her despair, she continues long after her death to teach me about grief.
    We are all born with a bundle. An Elder has told me that it is our gift. May take our whoe life to learn, but it is ours and nobody can take it away. Dear H-15019, you are gifted. You are brave. Your story is meant to be shared.

  2. What a brave person you are, to even allow this interview to happen. Keep hanging on. Maybe Canada and the these criminals it gets to protect it and the Catholic church will finally have that mirror to look into and see themselves for who they are. Maybe they will even have to pay for their wrong-doings. Maybe there will be a semblance of justice after all this is done, and maybe you can be freed from your demons. I hope so.

  3. These crimes can never be addressed properly or honestly by the criminals.The Church and the State (Canada) at a World Tribunal would be no less guilty than the Nazi group of mass murders under the Facist Adolf Hitler….I am also a victim survivor of that evil regime (boarding school) I don’t seek compensation, I will fight to see these crimes addressed. May Canada, it’s God and the rule of law be cursed for all time.

  4. Life is vey brutal. For a child to face all those horrific acts its beyond recall. The resurfacing of the abuses faced as a child then being numbered is a false extremity of a system used by the their evil- the people who were in charge. The child were pawns to be used as fawns by someone esle’s pedophilia. It is more than a crime against humanity. Every sexual act every physical act every emotional release every detrimental act unleashed upon a human soul forced upon any child is punishable. The law of canada with its panels of lawyers do not need a fee to belief they are in court to hear our stories. Rather we need commissioned tribunals of our own trusted people ; without a cloth to fall on. The storying of information has to deal with what we lost not only as children but the lives of every student who attended residential schools and to cover their livelihood. In our lives we have a loss of pride for our language and cultures. Our education grants of funding needs to address the future of lands and resources to housing to water rights to normalize our legacy of receiving back our title as indigenous people’s advocates for tge future!

  5. Sir,you are no longer a number.You are a man who has a name to identify yourself by.You survived a tragic past history.May you find strength in the love and comfort of your immediate Family.Many hugs.

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