Beading group in Yukon showing front line workers they are appreciated

A small group in Yukon called the Fireweed Heroes are showing front line workers who are fighting off COVID-19 that they are appreciated in a big way”

“A lot of people in other Yukon communities have contacted me” say Kyla Popadynec, who started the Facebook group a week ago.

“So we have people in Whitehorse doing them, people in Mayo doing them.”

Popadynec says when she started her Facebook group a week ago, she never expected it to gain momentum like it has.

Fireweed Heroes is a beading group that is creating fireweed flower pins to distribute to Yukon front line workers during the pandemic.

The group started with only a handful of local friends and quickly grew to almost 200 people from across the Yukon.

The idea came to Popadynec, who works in a hospital in Dawson City, over her morning coffee while she was beading a gift.

“Everyday I watch my nurses that I work with work really hard. It was just a thought, how can we give back.”

Anyone can join the group and leaders of all skill levels are welcome.

Popadynec’s goal is to have 100 pins.

Currently she has 20 ready to be distributed.

Before handing the pins out they will be sealed in a bag for 5 days to practice infection control.

Popadynec says that as long as front line workers continue to work through the pandemic, Fireweed Heroes will continue to show them the community supports them.


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