Band members in Annapolis Nation set up checkpoint to protest against chief and council

Community members in Annapolis First Nation in Nova Scotia set up a checkpoint and blocked part of the nation allowing only band members and staff through.

The issue over the lack of housing says Shanika MacEachern who is frustrated from the lack of answers from council.

“I went down to see them and they are refusing to talk to me not getting anywhere with the housing issue,” she says. “I was talking to other people, and they are saying that I’m having issues with the same thing and not getting replies.”

The protest in Annapolis Valley First Nation, 120 km northwest of Halifax, began ten days ago. A fire was lit to keep people warm overnight.

Chadwick Thorp-toney says he wants to bring his family home.

“Every time I keep getting told the exact same words ‘oh your top of the list oh, we have a place or just hold on a little longer’ and I keep hearing those words,” he says. “Two years now each getting told those exact same words I still see no house and no action.”

People at the protest are demanding a meeting with chief and council to discuss housing, support for education, youth and Elders.

Roger Toney says he’s prepared to stay.

“We’re prepared to bunk down here for the winter and get our point across till we can have a meeting with chief and council,” Toney says.

There are fewer cars on the road these days because school, health clinic and daycare have all been closed.

APTN News reached out to leadership but no explanation was given.

“No education no health care it’s just it’s an abuse of leadership power and that not something that our community is going to deal with,” says Toney.

It’s not clear when the school, daycare or health clinic will reopen.



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