B.C. mom seeking information on whereabouts of missing daughter Tatyanna Harrison

The 20-year-old was last seen leaving a Downtown Eastside Vancouver ban, but since then her account has been inactive

A British Columbia mother is making a desperate plea for any information on the whereabouts of her 20-year-old-daughter.

Tatyanna Harrison was last seen on surveillance video recorded by a Royal Bank located in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside on Main and Hastings.

“She’s in trouble,” said Tatyanna’s mom Natasha Harrison. “I know that. That’s the feeling I have. I have a feeling that she’s in trouble. It is not her just playing hide a seek. It’s not her avoiding.”

In the video, she is pictured entering the bank and withdrawing money, but since then her bank account has been inactive.

Natasha says she ran into red tape that she says prevented Vancouver police from actually beginning to start the search.

All because Tatyanna’s last known address was in Surrey, B.C.

“They pushed the file over to Surrey. I fought with them the whole time, and it was 20 days to 22 days that it was with Surrey — the whole time with me fighting,” she said.

“It took 20 days for them to check that camera. They told me they pushed it because of jurisdiction because she last resided in Surrey. But I want to know why it took them that long to check that camera.”

Since her daughter’s disappearance, Natasha has been searching every day trying to find answers. She is determined to talk to anyone and is utilizing all her resources she has to find Tatyanna.

Butterflies in Spirit, a Vancouver-based community healing organization, have also joined in the search after Vancouver police asked them to help. The police also printed the 500 posters being put up.

“They had said they were concerned because there was no action on her bank account and they had footage and/or pictures of her last known whereabouts,” said Butterflies in Spirit founder Palexelsiya Lorelei Williams. “The last place she was caught on camera was at a Royal Bank and there is a person with her in that video.”

Vancouver police are also asking a man seen in the Royal Bank with Tatyanna, who they said they consider a witness and not a suspect, to come forward if he has information about her.

They also released this statement on how her file was handled.

“Initial findings from the investigation indicated that Tatyanna was last seen in Surrey. As such, Surrey RCMP assumed conduct of the investigation. When investigators discovered evidence that Tatyanna had used a bank machine in Vancouver at the end of March, Vancouver Police took over the investigation and has continued to gather evidence,” it said.

“This is an active and ongoing investigation. We are concerned for Tatyanna’s safety.”

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Tatyanna Harrison you are asked to call police.

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