Author creates Minx – a new Indigenous superhero

Comic books have captured the imaginations of countless generations and – with superheros like Superman, Batman and even Wonder Woman – many would say they allow a reader to enter make-believe worlds where anything can happen.

Now, a new comic book is about to make a huge impact.

Minx is a strong and fearless warrior who takes on the evils in the world with white wolves as her guardians.

What’s unique about Minx is that it’s a comic book series taking on a whole new twist featuring story lines centered around Indigenous legends, myths and folklore.

The main character of Minx is based on the writer herself – Andrea Grant.

“There has to be somebody who connects to her origins in a really powerful way,” says Grant.

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Grant has devoted the last few years to tracking down her Indigenous roots and connecting with her family again.Originally from Penelakat Island on the Westcoast, she moved to New York City in 2004 to discover who she was.

She quickly immersed herself into modelling – even being chosen as a Camel cigarette girl – with her passion for art and writing soon following.

Grant says it was during this time she started writing and by collaborating with cartoonist Ray Arzeno – Minx was born.

“She’s on a journey of self discovery as well, so Natives believe that when you sleep and dream you go into a dimension called dream time, which is as real and valid as this reality,” she says.

“So Minx is straddling both worlds and trying to find her place in both of them – both as the superhero in dream time, and as the artist who left the pacific northwest and her tribe, and is trying to find her own sense of belonging.”

Grant now lives in southern California, but was recently in Vancouver working on her latest project called Modern Native.

It’s a spoken word video featuring Indigenous models and artists all reciting a poem she wrote about what is a modern Native and will be released in early 2020.

She’s also writing a book called Killer Whale-Wolf & The Isle of Women of re-imagined Coast Salish myths. She’s collaborating with Shaun Petersen – a well-known Indigenous artist from Washington State.

As for Minx she’s got big plans.

“I created an entire universe with different spinoffs and different characters and I’ve always envisioned it as a TV series,” she says.

“I feel that when I created it I was far ahead of the curve there were not really popular Superheroes were female and we have Wonder Woman of course but now we have Wonder Woman the modern version and new ground has been broken so it feels like the right time to have a strong female protagonist whose native because that is not something you just do not see.”

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2 thoughts on “Author creates Minx – a new Indigenous superhero

  1. Can’t wait; I’ve followed Andrea’s creative career for so long, and am always captivated by the depth and wisdom contained within.

    I agree she is somewhat of a time-traveller; her work is both ancient, and before its time.

    Glad to see the world catching up to its Indigenous Roots – thanks to one of its Storytellers and Oracles!

  2. I’m a bit confused. Is this a new series, or is it a re-release of the comics she started around 2007 / 2008, or are there plans to release new issues? It seems like there isn’t anything new, or at least it looks like the same individual issues #1 – 4 are still being sold (online only) and as a trade paperback (online only). Follow-up info would probably be nice to help get her some business.

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