APTN’s Kent Driscoll reviews Jordin Tootoo’s new book

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Jordin Tootoo is many things to many people.

To the people of Nunavut, he’s the first Inuk in the National Hockey League.

In Nashville, he’s still a beloved fan favourite. In opposing arenas, he’s the player they love to hate.

In his new book, “All The Way” Tootoo tries to explain to readers who Jordin Tootoo is.

The answer isn’t always what you may have come to expect.

APTN’s Kent Driscoll has read the book and has this report from Iqaluit.

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  1. What I love about the star influence of Tootoo on youth in Nunavut? that they will want to read a book about him. Anything to interest young people reading is great!

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