Accountability about more than numbers, say band members

The Transparency Act may show how much chiefs make, but it doesn’t answer the big questions.

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The Transparency Act may show how much chiefs make, but it doesn’t answer the big questions.

Band members say accountability is about more than numbers.

As APTN’s Trina Roache reports, they want to know what their chiefs are doing to earn that money.

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Trina Roache brings 18 years of journalistic experience to APTN Investigates. A member of the Glooscap First Nation in unceded Mi’kmaw territory, Trina has covered Indigenous issues from politics to land protection, treaty rights and more. In 2014, Trina won the Journalists for Human Rights/CAJ award for her series on Jordan’s Principle. She was nominated again in 2017 for a series on healthcare issues in the remote Labrador community of Black Tickle. Trina’s favorite placed is behind the camera, and is honoured when the people living the story, trust her to tell it.

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3 thoughts on “Accountability about more than numbers, say band members

  1. Another thing the Transparency Act doesn’t show is the nepotism, favoritism and cronyism that exists on many First Nations. It doesn’t show renovations members of council give themselves or loans given to family members and supporters. Show me a run-down reserve and I’ll show you a C&C mismanaging their band’s funds.

    1. Lets not forget aboriginal business being run, sometimes run into the ground, by non aboriginal administrators. Said administrators hiring non aboriginal employees (friends); giving them more hours to even out the earnings due to aboriginal employees non tax rights. Promoting or hiring outside the aboriginal community because there are no suitable aboriginal employees (anywhere in Canada?). Money that is being payed out to non band members or non aboriginal workers filtering away from aboriginal communities.

  2. I am Metis, leaning hard to the First Nations side, and I agree that there should be more available information about what the First Nations Chiefs and Ambassadors actually do to earn what is given to the bands. That money is paid to the Band, not the Chief. That money is not the Ambassador’s, nor the Chief’s to spend without accountability.

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