Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt loses riding

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The Stephen Harper government’s Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt has gone down to electoral defeat in his New Brunswick, swept away in a red wave washing over the Atlantic Canada region on Monday evening.

As the votes came in early Monday evening, Valcourt was barely hanging on to third place in his riding of Madawaska-Restigouche in northwestern New Brunswick, leading to a quick projection of his loss.

Valcourt was beat by Liberal candidate Rene Arseneault.

Valcourt was controversial during his time as Aboriginal Affairs minister. Appointed to the post in February 2013, Valcourt was minister when the Idle No More movement burst onto the national scene.

Valcourt ended his term as minister facing a court challenge from several First Nations over his First Nation Transparency Act, which forces bands to post their financial information online.

He also presided over the unraveling of the First Nation Control of First Nation Education Act, an education bill that died on the order paper after the majority of chiefs opposed it becoming law.

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