A story for every month: Edmonton Elders offer stories for Indigenous women in a calendar

Edmonton Elders offer a 15-month calendar with 15 stories aimed at Indigenous women that date back centuries.

Chris Stewart
A group of Edmonton Elders have put some stories together in a new calendar aimed at Indigenous women that they hope will offer some insight into traditions that go back centuries.

“We had our own way a long time ago,” said Elder Elsie Paul, a Cree-Metis grandmother born in the Wolf Lake Metis settlement. “Before European contact to nature is our teacher.”

Paul is retired but is still busy most days as the president of the Kohkom Kisewaisowin Society.

She is busy teaching people about Indigenous traditional values.

The society is an Edmonton based group of Kohkoms who share their knowledge.

Now she is teaming up with a publisher to release a special calendar that has women focused stories that go back hundreds of years.

The 15-month calendar has 15 stories from Indigenous and Metis grandmothers.

Each story is told by a Kohkom who wanted to pass on a story to the pass on a story to the young generations.

“So learning about traditional foods, ceremonies, storytelling,” she said. “All of that is covered in this.”

You can see the calendars at circleteachings.ca.


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