A Roof Overhead: Canada, children are living with slop pails, water back-ups, and fire traps

Shaneen Robinson-Desjarlais
APTN National News
The First Nation housin crisis is growing despite a government commitment of putting hundreds of millions of dollars towards the problem.

Over the years, APTN has shared countless stories of the reality of life on reserves in this country.

From severe poverty, run down houses to the lack of running water.

Now we’re going to look at whether these living conditions take a toll on children.

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3 thoughts on “A Roof Overhead: Canada, children are living with slop pails, water back-ups, and fire traps

  1. I am so sick and tired of hearing about the poor living conditions of Indians and how there housing are trashed. It is so simple. Give them owenership of their housing. They can live there but do not have free title. I have many houses and none are in the state of affairs that these are in. And quite giving them everything. They are spoiled. If you get everything for free there is no sense of pride.

  2. Of course it impacts the children,who wants to live in poor deplorable houses..living in a reserve and growing up on an island in a little cabin with 9 siblings and both parents does have an impact on ones life..just imagine 20 to 25 living in a bungalow with only 3 bedrooms one bathroom…its a living hell because everyone has to take turns sleeping and eating and washing up…..plus there’s sickness and its unhealthy living like this but so many have no choice because of the lack of funding from the government to deal with the housing crisis were all faced with in our communities…so much overcrowding,and mold in so many homes…people,children getting sick…alot of this stems from poverty as well…we’re faced with so much social problems in our communities such as alcohol and drugs,no jobs,no resources,but most of all no funding to combat the housing crisis were all faced with…but yet the government can help refugees and build them new houses give finances to them and yet the Canadian government can’t fix the problems in their own back yard…some reserves are still living like 3rd world country’s and this is Canada…how many documentaries are going to be showed to the world before there’s actual help,how long will it take the government to realize were human beings as well…how long before were recognized as a rich people who can live off of our own resources revenues instead of other corporations taking what belongs to us,…we wouldn’t be in this situation if there was revenue sharing with our people,instead they take and take while our nations continue to suffer in deplorable homes…

  3. Chief nd council should come up with programs where people on social assistance can achieve certificates for carpentry, plumbing, nd electricians in their own reserves. It will not only build their self-esteem it will also open doors for the younger generation…

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