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The contamination of many First Nations by unregulated landfills and dumps is a dirty story that has yet to be fully told. Aside from the mess you can see – and smell – the risk of groundwater pollution is probably the most severe environmental impact from these waste sites. Add an improperly engineered garbage dump and the results are more than toxic. Research is showing that we are passing down genetic differences that will make the next generation more likely to suffer from disease.

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1 thought on “TOXIC OVERFLOW PART 2

  1. I have ‘visited’many First Nations garbage dumps just to see if they were similar or if any had any real system in place. My findings demonstrated a very sad situation. Some residents in the north actually go site seeing bears at their dumps…wow! I visited 4 First Nations dumps in the north and every one hosted multiple bears eating there. This is highly serious because we are now poisoning the bears with our waste watching them die for our entertainment. Its no different in the south, except it is dogs eating at the dump. This situation needs serious attention!!!

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