Between the Feather and the Cross – Preview

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2 thoughts on “Between the Feather and the Cross – Preview

  1. they just drag a dead man around to imposes its rants…. rather then respecting the dead and the deeds….. archive…. and move on….. they don’t they hate all things not done by its dead man they push about… i need my one world god and your evil for not respecting that by not praying….. they speak for the dead where the dead cant speak back…. like where is the voice of anew if all you do is speak for a dead man…
    my dead man will condemn you…. speaking for the dead and not respecting anew or each other….

    god – mobs – wars or creation = mystery
    i cant call it a creator or she or an it….. no start and no end just is…. a being manipulating water to foster awareness…. do you not move your cells around belly button input = output and how long can you juggle water

    like try not to forget your original instruction or everything falls apart…. try planting something is the first step…. when everyone forgets you would see what but greed for it…

    the universe is built on parenting…. no start and no end…just is… creation = mystery of constant exchange for awareness and anew

    like are you concern over cause and effect or a god…. see its not a god or creator its the is that counts….. and mystery holds it together that one cant overtake the other equality trumps demands parenting

    like 7 fires your to find and walk on land shape like turtle and you will find it at the start and end link to a purification of the earth…. now are you on earth no where are you…

    or hopi…. we come out from ant hills…. belly button moving water….

    creation = mystery of exchanges of awareness

    do you real need to be saved or are just a being having a dream an tomorrow you wake up

    like you cant talk to religion unless you call it a creator…. so they can dictate the god words… your from their lost tribe

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