aptn Investigates: Road to Freedom

Melissa Ridgen has Road to Freedom. A century ago, Shoal Lake #40 residents were driven on to a peninsula which was cut off by a canal. It was done so that Winnipeg could have clean drinking water. To preserve the city’s water, a bridge and road to the Trans Canada Highway were not allowed to be built. Ironically, residents themselves have been under a decades-long boil water advisory.

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2 thoughts on “aptn Investigates: Road to Freedom

  1. Aptn should do their research into the legal aspects of why shoal lake 40 doesnt have a water treatment plant and look into the history of 40 and then would find out that winnipeg taxpayers already gave shoal lake 40 6 million dollars in 1989 for this very reason to build and maintain a water treatment plant and what happened to the money

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