APTN viewers react to Sundance broadcast

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There has been a lot of reaction to APTN’s broadcast of the Sprucewoods Sundance ceremony. The network was granted permission to film and interview participants at the ceremony in western Manitoba. Throughout the 3 part series viewers e-mailed, tweeted and facebooked their opinion on the stories. Ntawnis Piapot brings us a few of those comments.

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2 thoughts on “APTN viewers react to Sundance broadcast

  1. I understand how people feel about recording a Ceremony and sharing it
    with the world. I only knew parts of the Ceremony and watching the three episodes on the Sundance was educational. I learned that it is a spiritual journey that takes strength. commitment and support. I am happy to see so many youths participating in your Ceremonies.

  2. Nope 2 wrongs don’t make a right. These right are ours. Native people been through a lot. Are you really ready to show this to the world? This was reckless and very irresponsible of you all. Remember what is portrayed out there as an individual some people will judge us all For that persons mistake and yes They think we all are that way. Do you realize that getting the negative response from native people is a wake up call. Take it off. End of story.

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