A university student walks to raise awareness of Indian Act

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In B.C. – a university student is walking across the country hoping to raise awareness about the Indian Act.

He says the Act has chained aboriginal people to the past… and kept them from succeeding.

And he’s making his point, by bringing along a surprising companion.

APTN’s Tina House caught up with the walker on a B.C. highway.

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4 thoughts on “A university student walks to raise awareness of Indian Act

  1. wow…we need more people..im willing..we need to crush the indian act!!!! this is our land a why should they put this on us and still give us nothing>??????

  2. Sorry, my bad. The link for Leo’s Page is as follows: http://www.facebook.com/March.4.Justice
    The other page will link interested viewers to the University of Manitoba Aboriginal Student Association, whom has generously provided their support for Leo and Ash on their march to raise awareness.

  3. Speaking of social media, here is the Facebook group for Leo Baskatwang’s March for Justice: http://www.facebook.com/groups/212339352122751/
    You can find links to the PayPal donation set up, as well as watch uploaded video of Leo and Ash’s progress on the march.

  4. Awesome, ambitious and inspiring! What an effective way to raise awareness. Let us know how to help! 

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