mmiwg hearings - smithers

The National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls was in Smithers, B.C. from September 26 – 29.

The Inquiry heard from family members about the disappearance or murders of dozens of women along a 720 km stretch of Hwy 16, infamously known as the Highway of Tears.

Smithers, B.C. is a community of 6,000 people and sits along Hwy 16, a northern route that runs east to west from Prince Rupert in the west, to Jasper in the east.

Since 1969, dozens of women have vanished or have been found murdered.

Only one murder has been solved to date.

The annual “Walk 4 Justice” concluded in Smithers British Columbia.

Its route follows the highway of tears, a stretch of road where many of the families who took part have lost loved ones.

Many of the same families that plan to testify this week to the inquiry.

MMIWG hearings begin Tuesday in Highway of Tears community

Gladys Radek: Co-founder of the “Walk 4 Justice” campaign

The National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls is holding its first community hearings in British Columbia.

Tuesday was day one of testimony in Smithers, BC.

missing, murdered women inquiry hears stories of loss at first b.c. hearings

‘I had to say goodbye’: Stories from the national MMIWG inquiry

Public hearings into Murdered and Missing Women and Girls continue in Smithers, BC – Here’s a look a day two. 


Throughout the National Inquiry of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls families have brought up the involvement of police.

The community hearings in Smithers were no exception.

Three days of testimony regarding many cases along the infamous highway of tears, included stories on how RCMP handled investigations.

Here’s a look at the last day of hearings in Smithers, British Columbia.