Between the Feather and the Cross


3 thoughts on “Between the Feather and the Cross

  1. This video is very one sided when looking at Moose Deer Point. If it is considered a Christian reserve why wouldn’t Melissa Ridgen want to talk with the other community members or chief and counsel who are claimed to all be christian?

    I would also like to add that the church has always invited everyone out to different events that it holds. The Williams family on this documentary have been in attendance and their children and grandchildren are regular attendees at kids camp. The church itself has very few attendees, so i am not sure why the church is being blamed for their isolation amongst a whole community. It seems that there must be more then what is being said then what was reported on.

  2. I wrote this before.. Simple explanation …I always find that there is a lack of culture identity.. Knowing who we are as Anishnabee people. Our elders were fear taught, by the government, by schools, and churches. The ripple effect is our young people having no references on their own identity, language, spirituality, and culture. These are facts. But there are some elders who held on there language, culture practices, spirituality walk… Which some have taken and now learn so the youngest generation are now learning without fear .. Miigwech

  3. I see a fear base teaching that was put on the First Nations through the Xhurxh relating about 100 years, and by that, nearly all our ways has nearly been lost. At times I meet people who would say to me, that is evil etc but they still want to understand who they are as aboriginal people through history, culture, spiritual, and even languages. A “culture shock” or lost identity is faced by today’s young people. An elder once told me, we are giving two eyes for a reason, the left is to know the past and honor it, the right is to look into the future to understand our traditions. Miigwech and the elephant in the room should be talked about, out of respect for all people.

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