Family looking for lost son in Edmonton finds body, but not his

Alberta coroner investigating discovery in river.

Barry Bedard

Elizabeth Bedard with her father Leon Lariviere. Photo: Chris Stewart/APTN.

The search for a 41-year-old Indigenous man led to another discovery in the South Saskatchewan River outside Edmonton.

Barry Bedard hasn’t been seen since May 2, 2023. Edmonton Police said he lived a high-risk lifestyle and believed he was dead.

On the anniversary of his disappearance, Edmonton police put out another reminder to the public.

“We continue to ask anyone with information about Mr. Bedard, or his whereabouts leading up to May 2, 2023, to reach out to police or Crime Stoppers,” said Staff Sgt. Colin Leathem in the online release.

“While we’ve been unable to locate Barry, we remain hopeful that someone will share information that helps us conclude this investigation and allows us to bring some measure of comfort to Barry’s family.”

On June 28, a tracker hired by the family started his work.

During a search of the river, a body was discovered, but it wasn’t Bedard’s.

“I’ve had over 15 people telling me, asking me if it is their sister, their daughter or their niece or a loved one,” Elizabeth Bedard, Barry’s sister, told APTN News.

“I’ve had about 15 people messaging me about their loved one’s missing and nothing has been shared with the media or anybody about this body.”

According to the RCMP, Alberta’s coroner is now conducting an autopsy to try and identify the body.

The tracker will start the search again in October.

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