Email reveals Trudeau Liberals playing double game on UNDRIP: Saganash

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9 thoughts on “Email reveals Trudeau Liberals playing double game on UNDRIP: Saganash

  1. Typical Trudeau. This guy is so busy with bringing and allowing new immigrants to this country that he has no time or money for the long time residents of this country. “New” Canadians–not “old” means more votes because these people do not know the history of lies and betrayal by both main political parties in Canada.
    Also “Divide and Conquer” works well for this pretender.

  2. I’m not so sure these emails imply what is being alleged. 1) What specifically does “Free, Prior and Informed Consent” mean, legally speaking? Read article 46. UNDRIP recognizes only the colonial states as the sovereign, and nothing in UNDRIP infringes on the sovereign’s laws. 2) Only the sovereign has an absolute veto. So when can the sovereign “infringe” on Indigenous rights, as per UNDRIP? I’m not so sure this is going to be any different than “Duty to Consult, and Where Necessary, Accommodate,” which Canada now has under Sec. 35, Constitution Act, 1982. Also, Indigenous Rights are lumped in with all Human Rights under article 46 in UNDRIP.

  3. These so called representatives, working for us. They are not liberals nor do they understand the meaning of the party that they represent.

  4. So? its Justin Trudeau you know, the guy who bleated his phoney love for the Indigenous knowing full well, they would buy into his every word. Justin is all for Justin and cronies. Have you noticed that the media have not said a word yet?
    If the Indigenous people think that Justin is avoiding them only think again…Justin is avoiding the needs of ALL CANADIANS. Still, people fall for this phoney.
    Question to Indigenous people ” where are the ‘idle no more’ protesters? I don’t see them anywhere.

  5. Lies begit lies !!! That’s what their system is all about!!! Corruption at it finest!!! Facisism and Genocide hand in hand !!!

    1. we know 100% they speak with a forked tongue…they all INAC officials have to attend Pinocchio/Forked Tongue school as a prerequisite to get their positions

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