Architects call proposed Indigenous House in Ottawa a ‘hand-me-down’

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9 thoughts on “Architects call proposed Indigenous House in Ottawa a ‘hand-me-down’

  1. Walk a mile in an Indigenous’ persons moccasins!!!! Then tell us what you see!!!!

  2. Unfortunately it’s a no win give that they will never be happy with any solution provided unless it was every person to leave except indigenous people and give back any things taken from there forefathers.

  3. It’s a bad look Indigenous leaders. You look out of touch and too greedy by half. Now I hope they rescind the offer. Go build your dream building if you’re so discriminating. How about contributing to the collective Canadian experience rather than constantly posturing that you’re special. That attitude has only kept your children ignorant as the world has passed them by.

  4. Typically ungrateful. It’s not the function of the space Indigenous leaders are looking for. They need fashion. This sort of whining is hard to forget years later. Indigenous persons take note. You can be too greedy.

    1. Give them a few thousand dollars for a large tent to build in some traditional place in the woods. That should make them much happier.

      1. The court settlements for First Nations stolen land aren’t quite just “a few thousand dollars”, Lyle. Every time I can, I send money to strengthen their appearance in courts of law. It’s all about broken treaties and our courts of law get that pretty well. It’s the very least the descendant of colonizers can do to help compensate for the shame of our hundreds year old theft. The more First Nations wisdom guides our actions on the environment – what you call “some traditional place in the woods”- the safer we all will be. We were about as good at protecting nature as we were at being decent humans. The result? Planet-killing climate change.

    2. Oh, hey Johnny –not as greedy as the people who invaded Canada, stole all the land, herded the original occupants into tiny reservations through the violence of weapons and starvation, tried to “kill the Indian” in them by stealing their children, and who are now so abusing this land that deadly climate change is well on its way. I’m the descendant of colonizers and guess what, Johnny- I bet you and I have clean drinking water.
      That’s not an accident.
      What people ground down for centuries would want a building that symbolized the ideals of their colonizers? Would it really be OK if I came in with a gun, rewrote the law so I could steal your house and land and then told your descendants that they were ungrateful when I gave them a pup tent? I hope they wouldn’t whine, Johnny. You don’t admire that.

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