Perspectives on Metis Settlements in Alberta

In this series, we look at the founding of the settlements from an elder’s perspective.

A look at the fallout from a devastating fire that hit Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement and how people came together to rebuild what was lost.

We spend a day in East Prairie with a long time resident to see a day in the life at a Metis Settlement in Alberta.


Part 1 | Metis Settlements

Airing March 9, 2020 on APTN National News

The creation of the Metis Settlements in 1939 by the five founding fathers of the settlements.

We talks to elder Marcel Auger about his early memories living on the East Prairie Metis Settlement. We also discuss the Alberta Government dissolving four of the settlements.

Part 2 | Paddle Prairie

Airing March 10, 2020 on APTN National News

In May 2019, the settlement was evacuated due to a massive fire. Fifteen homes were destroyed, but no one was hurt. Tens of millions of lumber was gone, and hunting is now impossible.

We hear from Les Nooskey, who lost his home, and leadership who helped the residents find new homes.

Part 3 | A Day in the Life

Airing March 11, 2020 on APTN National News

We spend the day with John Supernault as he takes us along for a typical day in his life. He visits his family, and shows us how to call moose from his homemade call.

John talks about the similarities between Metis Settlements and First Nations.