Secrets of the Bay

Kenneth Jackson | APTN Investigates

Kenneth Jackson

APTN Investigates

CHAPTER 1 | October 6, 2023

Two Mohawk fishermen went fishing on the Bay of Quinte eight years ago. They never came home. Police ruled that their deaths were accidental, but the families believe they were killed. APTN Investigates reporter Kenneth Jackson sets out to discover what really happened that night.

CHAPTER 2 | October 13, 2023

There are still more questions than answers regarding the mysterious deaths of two Mohawk fishermen on the Bay of Quinte. APTN Investigates reporter Kenneth Jackson meets with families and community members to clear the air, fill in gaps in the police investigations – and face some difficult truths.

CHAPTER 3 | June 7, 2024

In 2015, two Mohawk fisherman drowned. Police claimed they were stealing fish, took too many and the boat sank. Police didn't bother to test these claims. So we did and used the same boat.

How we did it

In Secrets of the Bay, Chapter 3, APTN Investigates dismantled the results of a police investigation into the deaths of Tyler Maracle and Matthew Fairman.

Below are a series of videos showing how we did it starting with filling the boat with 820 lbs of bagged sand and mounted the same inoperable eight-horse motor used by the fishermen for additional weight in the first test.

With reporter Kenneth Jackson also inside the boat there was a total of 1,100 lbs.

For the second test, we put on a working eight-horse motor and maneuvered across the bay beginning at 1,100 lbs and eventually getting up over 1,500 lbs.

We made quick starts and stops, zig-zagged and made sharp turns. At the end of the test, after the boat wouldn’t sink, we put the weight back down to 1,100 lbs and three men pushed on the side to swamp and sink it. It’s the only way the boat would go down.